Why a blog about orchids?

Updated 3/1/17


My name is Hannah. I love my life. I have a wonderful family, loving friends and a sweet husband! I left my dream job taking care of mounted police horses to stay home with my daughter. And I recently started working for my favorite local plant nursery.


My love for orchids began when my husband asked me to marry him with a beautiful white Phalaenopsis orchid (and a ring of course)!!


Many years ago I received some orchids and had no idea what to with them. You see I was very intimidated by orchids because I had heard they were so hard to care for. I started doing a bunch of online research and I found a lot of confusing and contradicting information. The whole process seemed so daunting!

What I have now found is orchids are actually quite easy…..IF you know what to do! I have found what works for me and I truly hope it works for you! I have Phalaenopsis, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Cymbidiums and Phrag orchids.

I started this site for beginners, like me, who want to find easy and accessible answers on how to care for orchids. I have compiled many of the good ideas from the web and local growers that have helped me care for my orchids and I hope you find this information helpful. Hope this helps,


Feel free to leave comments or questions here and you can always email me at myfirstorchid@gmail.com with pictures of your orchid.


5 Comments on “Why a blog about orchids?

  1. I bought a cattyela from a retired grower. It is currently in bloom and is living in a hanging pot. It has very very long roots which are hanging over the side of the pot. I would like to trim the roots before its next repotting because I don’t have a suitable place to hang it from. How do I go about trimming the roots?

    • Leslie,

      That’s a very good question? I don’t have any Catelya’s at the moment and the only time I trim roots back is when they are rotting or damaged.

      I use a clean cutting tool and then sprinkle cinnamon on the cut roots to prevent infection.

      If I were you I would not cut healthy roots. I would get a bigger pot and then soak the plant in water to make the roots malleable and then repot them.


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