Misting Orchids

Should I mist my orchid(s)?

Updated 3/1/17


photo copyright rePotme.com from this page

I wanted to write a quick blog about my favorite Haws copper mister (shown above) and realized that the topic of misting an orchid is super controversial. Apparently there is a huge debate, “to mist or not to mist?” People seem to think that getting an orchid wet will kill it.

I want to start by asking a question, “What is the natural environment of an orchid?” Answer, “A jungle, a RAIN forest.”

I have never been to a rain forest but I have seen enough Discover Channel shows to imagine what they are like; humid, hot and rainy. So I imagine that these orchids can’t dodge the rain and moisture that daily surrounds them. I have never seen my orchids move but maybe mine are just sluggish:)

Orchids are naturally designed to have their leaves funnel rain and humidity down to their roots. Based on this information, if orchids were indeed killed by getting wet then we would literally have no orchids in the wild.

There is no difference, in the actual plant, from an orchid being grown in the wild and in our homes. I think that we should look to nature when growing plants. We should ask what their natural environment is and give them the closest thing to it.

My orchids love a good misting, especially on hot summer days and dry winter days!!

Note: make sure that water does not pool in the base of the leaves while you are misting them. This can cause rot. You can take a dry paper towel and dip it in the leaf base to soak up any pooling.

Back to the my favorite mister you can get it at my favorite site, rePotme (click here) and it’s not that expensive ($28.15). In their words, “Our spectacular looking Haws-built brass mister is as functional as it is good-looking. Small in size, but amazing in the mist punch it delivers. We like to mist our orchids and houseplants generally, but those on mounts and in baskets really cry out for regular treats of fine mist and humidity on their roots and leaves. This high quality misting tool does the job efficiently and easily without being too heavy when full and without requiring constant trips to the sink for refilling. Until you use it, it is hard to explain how far a tank goes on the relatively small (light) reservoir of water it holds. The pump action is smooth, the spray pattern is full and the atomization is perfect. Comes complete in a handsome gift box and is ready for use right out of the box. Beautiful brass makes it a conversation piece when not in use!”

Mist on….

Hope that Helps,


Feel free to leave comments or questions here and you can always email me at myfirstorchid@gmail.com with pictures of your orchid.

29 Comments on “Misting Orchids

  1. Hi Hannah,

    I’ve just bought a Haws Mister! This is going to sound like a very dumb question, but however do you fill it!? The top of mine doesn’t screw off easily and I’m worried about breaking it invade that’s not the right place to fill it from!

  2. Thank you for this blog. I was given my first orchid a couple of weeks ago and it had no care information with it. It had been bought from a supermarket and was in a high hard plastic shell: I didn’t even know if taking that off would kill the poor thing! Luckily it survived this ordeal (I had to cut the shell away) and it has really come on with the odd misting.
    I watered it today – it was very dry – and the pictures of the roots before and after watering were really helpful – thankfully has a clear plastic pot and drainage! I have to say it’s unlikely to die from over-watering – I’m not the best with houseplants. I did use water at around 20 degrees as my cold water is very cold indeed at the moment so I’m hoping that is okay.
    Thanks again for your very reassuring advice.

  3. I wanted to thank you Hannah for all the great info it was very helpful and I already know most of this but some things you said were very helpful cause I was sorta confused on somethings and this has helped me a lot . I have been growing orchids for many years now and are so gorgeous and growing so wonderfully healthy . It took me many years to master the growing of orchids cause it’s kinda like getting to know someone personally you get to know what they like and not like over time so it does take lots of practice indeed so everyone that writes Hannah keep practicing it will get much easier in time trust me I didn’t know anything about growing orchids starting out and drove everyone nuts asking questions … Lol… So be patient and study all the tips of growing orchids and you will see how great your orchids will thrive it just takes practice practice practice . Thanks again Hannah I really love your site I read it often and really find it quit helpful . Happy growing ,

  4. Frequently misting orchids when the humidity is high and there is no or little air circulation can produce fungal infections that can be particularly evident on orchid flowers. Contrariwise, some flowers will desiccate if they bloom in the very dry conditions that prevail in heated homes during the winter. The moral: consider humidity levels and provide air circulation.

  5. Do you think my orchids will like it if I kept them in the bathroom when I shower? It would be nice and humid?

  6. Hi Hanna
    I would like to, first of all,tell you how much I have appreciated your wonderful, informative website! I was given two phals in July and have referred to this site for every question I have had.
    Unfortunately as a beginner, I have made a few mistakes. Lol
    Will you please add to your misting page the importance of not letting water collect in the base of the leaves which results in crown rot? I missed this information until it was too late:(
    Thank you again for this site, one phalaenopsis left, repotted, watered and fed as per your instructions and she is beautiful!

  7. Hey Hannah, I am a new phal orchid ‘mom’, if you will, and am glad I have stumbled upon. your. website.

  8. Can you use regular dish washer container on spray (not stream) that has been washed like ten times?
    I think I have one.

  9. Thanks, Hannah! All seems well. I watered on Monday with a litte Orchid Feed, and both are looking pretty good.

  10. Again, thank you for your help. I went to the local garden centre. Seem to be sorted now, got a new medium and new pots for them to be re-potted into. None of the local centres has clear plastic pots – gutted, so went with their recommendation of pots, didn’t think to check in Ikea though – doh! So tomorrow is the job of repotting. Any tips!? I will check out your blog.. Thanks for all of your help! 🙂

    • Hey:)

      As far as repotting goes…follow my blog entry on that and if you have any questions. You can email me at myfirstorchid@gmail.com I can walk you thru it:)

      It’s not hard! Don’t get overwhelmed:) its pretty hard to mess up….just don’t over cut the roots. Cut the rotting roots.


      • Thanks for that. I have DONE it. Not sure If I have done it well, but they are settling into their new pots very nicely. One had extremely healthy roots and the other has very few roots at all. We will see what happens now. 🙂

  11. Hi, again. Thanks so much for you help. No they weren’t recieved at the same time I don’t think. In fact I only took an interest in them when our new housemate started to nurture them last year, I’m not actually sure how we got them. LOL. I will find out. Well to be honest after I left that reply I had a flick through your blog and noted that I may need to repot. The healthier orchid has a spike coming, so can I do that? They are both in early morning direct sunlight, so it could be that its sunburnt, but then wouldn’t the other be to? Caue they are both in the same spot. Thanks for the links, but I live in the UK, do you know of any sites here that are specfic to orchids? Otherwise I will nip down to the local garden centre and see what they have available later today. 🙂

    • Okay so after reviewing your answers and checking with my orchid guru….here are my thoughts. 

      It definitely appears that it got direct sunlight that burned leaves for starters, which is strange since the other orchid seems fine (if they were in the same pace).. It definitely needs a new pot and fresh mix. And it looks like it probably has gotten too much watering. 

      I would think that it can be revived. Repot it with some good Spagnum moss (look for this around where you live)  and an Oxygen Core Dual pot (if you can’t find this, get a regular clear pot). Give it good air circulation and a
      moderately lit window with no direct sun.  The bad leaves will stay looking
      bad and should be left until the plant sheds them as it create new leaves.

      As far as the other plant… You can repot it. As long as its not blooming. 

      Check out my post on watering, repotting, Spagnum moss and clear pots:)

      Hope that helps,


    • I love that you found my blog! I have some questions about your orchids. Did you get them at the same time? And was the one that is sad placed in a sunnier spot?

      It seems like the sad one has been sunburned. If you google, “orchid sunburn” you will see images of this. Both of them need to be repotted since they are growing outside their pots. I normally repot my orchids when they have finished blooming. May through July/August is when they grow new roots and leaves to support the new shoots that will become blooms around Thanksgiving/Christmas. Your orchids will love fresh new mix. I get all mine from http://www.repotme.com. And the orchids you showed me are Phalaenopsis orchids, so get the Classic Phalaenopsis mix…..you probably only need the really small bag.

      Your sad orchid should recover….depending on the answers to my questions above….I can further figure out why the leaves look like that. But normally dark leaves with yellow spots like that are from too much sun.

      Hope that Helps,


  12. You are an absolute star!!! 🙂
    Thanks for your BLOG… We have two Orchids, one seems to be doing great, the other I’m concerned about.. learning here is awesome!

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