My Orchids – updated 7/22/15

I have many orchids. I keep notes on them to stay organized. I keep them on humidity trays in a large window seat in my living room.

Here are pictures of the ones that I have the longest. This is not by any means all the orchids that cycle threw my house. I “save,” (I am given many orchids – that are done blooming and did not sell – by local florist) repot and giveaway a ton each year. So, check back because I will be updating this post, as they bloom. This post is mostly for me so I can see what my orchids look like through the years:)

1. Phalaenopsis orchid from Aldi.




2015 – bloomed 6/1/15 8 blooms

#2. Phalaenopsis orchid from Aldi.


2013 – bloomed after almost three years of bring dormant!! Color changed to white – 5 big blooms

2015 – 7/19/15 – 5 white blooms

#3. Already bloomed orchid from Garden Heights

2013 (2/8/13) – 8 medium dark pink blooms – hasn’t bloomed since 2011

2013 (12/1/13) bloomed 2x this year – 10 medium dark pink blooms – 1 stalk with two branches!!
#4. Already bloomed orchid from SHT 1/1/11
2013 (3/5/13) – 6 big dark pink blooms – hasn’t bloomed since 2011
2013/2014 (12/21/13) bloomed 2x this year – 9 big dark pink blooms – 1 stalk with several branches!!
#5. My Rockstar Orchid!
2012 – 15 blooms!

2013 – 20 blooms!

2014 – waiting for it to bloom / it has spiked / I accidentally knocked the tip of the spike so it is taking longer

#6. Phalaenopsis orchid from Jesse for my birthday from Aldi on 10/29/11.


#7. Phalaenopsis orchid from Trader Joes on 11/5/11.


2015 – spiked 1/11/15 Bloomed 6/11/15 5 blooms


8. Phalaenopsis orchid bought from Trader Joe’s on 11/28/11.

Has not bloomed since 2011
#9. Phalaenopsis orchid pink/white orchid from Aldi.


2013 – slightly lighter this year with 7 blooms

2014 – waiting for bloom / it has spiked

2015 – spiked 1/11/15 Bloomed 5/29/15 4 blooms

#?. Phalaenopsis orchid from Trader Joes on 11/26/11. Need to look into this…

2011 thru 2012

#10. 2013 – did not bloom
#11. Twinkle Oncidium orchid bought and bloomed in 2012.
2013 1-1-13
2013 (11-11-13) bloomed 2x this year!!
#12. Phapiopedilum orchid “Lady Slipper” from Bowood Farms
2012 – bloomed but didn’t get a picture
2014 – it spiked and waiting for it to open:)
2015 – 1/28/15 – changed mix
#13. Phalaenopsis for Mother’s Day from Bowood Farms – this orchid passed away:(
#14. Phalaenopsis orchid for Mother’s Day from ProFlowers
15. Phalaenopsis orchid from Schnucks for my bday 10/29/13.
16. Cattleya “George Hausserman – Carl” from Hawaii for my bday 10/29/13

2013 – not in bloom when purchased – this orchid passed away:(

17. Blue Vanda “Prao Sky blue – Phathai” from Hawaii for my bday 10/29/13

2013 – not in bloom when purchased – potted in a vanda box that I will hang up

Hope that Helps,


Feel free to leave comments or questions here and you can always email me at with pictures of your orchid. 

30 Comments on “My Orchids – updated 7/22/15

  1. Hello Hannah!
    I have received much helpful information from you and your amazing website when I first got my Phalaenopsis orchid, but I have some more questions. It had flowers not too long ago, but they have since fallen off, and everything but the leaves have turned brown. It has been watered regularly and has new leaves coming up. It also has a few new green roots poking out from the center of the plant. I don’t think my orchid is dying since it still has so much greenery on it. I am wondering why everything turned brown. Also, when is the best time to repot my orchid? Will I get bigger flowers next year if I do?

  2. Hmm. Looking at your orchids makes me realize that I have a good deal to learn about my orchids:) I have a few blooms, but the leaves aren’t so glossy and the flowers look a bit….meek…compared to yours.

    Thanks for taking the time provide information for us newbies – it will help a lot!

  3. Maybe another update? I’m not trying to be impatient. I did see that the Rockstar bloomed from the “Phalaenopsis Orchids” post though.

      • It seems like vandas are “not a beginners orchid”, dislike being repotted, ect. They also do not lose their bottom leaves for a very long time.
        I just did some random research on vandas. And I bet you did some too.
        p.s. There’s a lot more info out there about phals than about vandas

  4. Can you please update this blog? I really want to take a look at your Paph! (Imagine this comment in a pleading and begging voice!)

    • John,

      My phap did not bloom this year…and I don’t have time to update a lot of pictures because I have a small baby:) I wish I had more time to spend taking pictures. I keep thinking I need to and run out if hours in the day…

      I use to have a lot more time πŸ™‚


      • John, I am no Hannah for sure but maybe I can help out a little. Light is always the first thing I check with any orchid if it has not bloomed on schedule. You can be ,ore lax with anything in an Orchids life than you can with its light requirements. Be sure it is getting plenty of bright indirect light. Phalaenopsis is the only one that really likes moist toes regularly. The rest like regular watering with water that has sat out overnight to let it come to room temperature and release the chlorine from it. To this I add weak (1/2 recommended dose) Orchid fertilizer. My Phalaenopsis rebloom best when I only cut the tip off of the old blooming spike.

      • Sorry Linda, I was wondering why HANNAH’S orchid didn’t bloom.
        Thanks anyway,(new info!) πŸ™‚

      • Sorry for the confusion Linda… I feel bad about that 😦

    • Okay. I’m wondering why your paph didn’t bloom. Is it in the “why won’t my orchid bloom?” section? Maybe nature cues? Anyways, thanks for the reply.

  5. I have read most of your site and your information is very sound, valid and helpful. The way you present information is easy to follow and I think the basics is always where anyone needs to stay. I do have Cattleya Orchids and the care and feeding of them is pretty much the same as for the others. I look forward to reading more of your information. The Orchid Board has specific information on the care and propagation of the Cattleya. But it is not as easy to follow and welcoming as your Blog. Please feel free to remove this link if it is not appropriate for this blog.

    • Linda,

      That was so sweet!!! That is exactly why I started this blog because I couldn’t find a lot of helpful advice. I feel very encouraged by you! I constantly updated it when I find new information and when I find a new topic…so feel free to email me if you have any thoughts on changing anything

      I check out the link:)


  6. I totally love your site. I have had orchids for over 20 years. I adore orchids and am always looking to learn more about them. In your orchid pictures under “2013 – slightly lighter this year with 7 blooms” you have a gorgeous delicate white with pink orchid. Can you tell me what the name of it is? I want one of those.

    • Linda,

      Thank you! I don’t know the specific gene type but its a Phalaenopsis. I get a lot of rescue orchids and because of this I generally know what type of orchid it is but not the gene specific type.


    • Linda

      p.s. you probably know WAY more then I do:) I have been growing orchids a much smaller amount of time then you!!


  7. Thank you so much for your quick response! I have one more question. What do you think about Cattleya orchids? I have been looking on eBay and there are a lot of this variety for sale. Also, what is your opinion of buying orchids from eBay? I always try to go to the experts when on a journey to become an educated consumer! Thank you!

    • Joyce,

      I actually don’t know a lot about Cattleya – I mainly have Phalaenopsis, Dendrobiums and Phrags.

      I honestly didn’t even know they sold flowers on eBay πŸ™‚ I get my orchids from groceries, florist and people who don’t want them anymore or don’t know how to take care of them. I know that the shipment of orchids is a bit traumatizing for them because of the change of temperature and light etc..

      If I were you (and I am no expert) I would try buying more local. But if there are no places near you then by all means order it and let me know how it goes:)


  8. Beautiful!

    By the way, you have inspired me to keep notes (I naturally love lists!)

      • Hi Hannah, I just found your website and I love it! It is so easy for a true beginner to understand! I have an orchid that a friend of mine bought me from a grocery store several years ago. After the flowers died I cut the spike back and it has never bloomed again. I have tried all types of light and environments and no blooms. The leaves are very healthy and keep adding. There are new roots always. 2 weeks ago I decided to repot it, for the 1st time! I got a ceramic pot and Special Orchid Mix by Better-Gro, from Lowe’s. I followed all the directions step by step. My ? is, I didn’t know to put it in a plastic pot first and I didn’t force all of the new, upper roots inside the pot. The new mix was mostly bark and not really too much moss, if any! The mix it was in originally was mostly bark. Do I need to take it out and put it in a plastic, clear pot and use a moss blend and encourage the upper roots to go in the pot? Thank you!

      • Joyce,

        Hi:) no you don’t have to at all. Clay is just fine and the mix you used is just fine too! I like using clear pots and moss because that is what works best for me. Orchids do just fine in many different types of mix:) and maybe all your orchid needs to help it bloom is some new mix and nutrients from the new soil. Also you do not have to bury the ariel roots…you can but you don’t need to.


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