My Rockstar Orchid #5

Updated 2/27/17

Number 5 is my ROCK STAR! I found this Phalaenopsis orchid abandoned in a friends house and had no idea the last time it was watered or the shape it was in. Its leaves were a bit droopy and I was nervous to see its root system. Also I had no idea what color its blooms were since its blooms had already fallen off.
– I repotted it on Aug 17, 2011. I went up a size in pots. It was in good condition and had healthy roots.
– I detected a spike on Sept 15, 2011 and a 2nd root on Sept. 29, 2011.
– On Oct. 4 and 8, 2011 I set a bigger stake on spike because it was growing so fast.
– On November 11, 2011 a 2nd spike shot off from 1st spike!

Here is a picture on January 5, 2012

It has 15 little blooms off it including a second spike that sprung from another node. I can’t wait to see what color it’s blooms will be! (Update 2/27/17 white withblink inside).

Here is a pic of it on January 10, 2012…it’s beginning to open!!

It looks to be white with a bit of dark pink on it…

Here it is on January 13, 2012 … First bloom is fully opened, it is the one in front.

Here it is with a few more blooms!! On January 23, 2012

And here it is fully bloomed!

And here it is in 2015 with 30 blooms.



Email me with any questions in regards to how I got this orchid to bloom. And remember that orchids DO NOT bloom for many reasons. Don’t get disheartened if your orchids fail to bloom. Just take care of them and most likely they will bloom next year.

Hope that Helps,


Feel free to leave comments or questions here and you can always email me at with pictures of your orchid.





16 Comments on “My Rockstar Orchid #5

  1. Hi I am bigginer for orchids,I have gone out for a one moth from my home,after i came I so in the roots are coming out of the pots and I have a another coconut husky pots to put that ceramic hole pots ,That roots comes out form that pots can I seperste my orchids from the pots?it is ok to cut the roots.please help me😔

  2. How often does it need to be watered and what temperature is good for it. I just received my first one – it’s purple

    • Hi,

      I water it following the post on watering I did on the blog – normally twice or so a month and our house is pretty consistent 73 degrees.

      Wow purple!! That’s pretty rare – I would love to see a picture of it.


      • When should I re-plant my orchid? Some of the flowers are still full but other ones are dead. The root system does not look to green – I also had some buds that did not bloom.

      • Hi,

        I would love to help. Repotting season is normally early spring to summer once orchids have FINISHED blooming. If you repot while your orchid is in bloom then you may experience bud blast.

        Bud blast is when an orchid produces a bud but it never opens. It sounds like you have this as well. Here is my post on that… Most likely this is not your fault but due to getting a new orchid and it changing so many environments.

        As far as your root question… Can you see the roots through a clear pot or are you looking at aerial roots?

        Hope that helps,


      • The root system looks like it’s dry and I water the end of December — there are also some roots on top of the repot soil

      • Those roots above are called aerial roots and tend to look like this. Not super attractive but they are not dead just tend to look that way.

        You can tell if your orchids is getting enough water by pressing your finger or a pencil down into it and checking for moisture. If it comes up dry then water them. It is better for them to occasionally be too dry then too wet all the time. Does that help?


  3. cool. I recently got bit by the orchid bug about 6 months ago. my first orchid is doing lovely. but I acquired a few orchids from walmart real cheap. I picked the ones that looked the best but later found out when i got home that they were far worse. most have almost no roots and one has no roots at all. I tried something similair to the spag and bag method. but I put them all in a big fish tank, each tied to a shishkabob stake with the bottom of the tank having a dish filled with rocks and water to bring up humidity. I then placed a tiny fan on the side and closed off the top of the tank using a big clear plastic bag. im hoping this works. I spray the orchids often and make sure there dry by night fall. I have yet to see new growth but im hoping they make it. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated :3

    • Michelle,

      Hi:) I would love to help.

      I have never tried to bag method. Normally when an orchid loses all its roots or all it’s leaves it most likely is dead even though it may not look like it at the time.

      I have bought orchids from all over and have found abandoned ones. In these cases the ones that survived were WAY underwatered and look dead but came back. The ones that died were WAY overwatered. Overwatering orchids produces rotting roots and is pretty much the WORSE thing you can do to an orchid.

      It is really hard to bring a rotting overwatered orchid back to health. I have done this a few times when there was a few leftover roots or a few leaves but the second my orchids lose ALL their roots or leaves I (with great sadness and frustration) throw it away.

      That is probably NOT want you wanted to hear – sorry


  4. My orchid flower is almost EXACTLY the same. Only the petals are more yellow and the inside is red, not red-pink/purple

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