Orchid Leaves: Turning Yellow

Why are my orchid leaves turning yellow?
Updated 12/11/17
If your bottom orchid leaf has turned yellow it does not necessarily mean your orchid is sick or dying. You can not prevent your bottom orchid leaves from ultimately turning yellow because this is the natural cycle of an orchid.
You see orchids work in balance between new leaves, new roots and blooms. In order for blooms to appear in the winter and spring, new leaves and new roots need to grow in the summer and fall. Older leaves, over time, will die back naturally as will new leaves appear (shown below). This new growth provides the orchid with the energy for the next bloom.
So when your bottom orchid leaves turn yellow and fall off this can be a good sign. It means your orchid is following natures cues and preparing for new growth.

Okay so what to do with the yellow orchid leafs?

1. Do nothing and wait. The orchid will eventually shed the leaf itself and seal off the area that it fell from.

2. Cut it off. Use a clean tool to avoid the possible spread of disease. Apply cinnamon (yes, the common household spice – it’s a natural fungicide) to the area you just cut as a preventative measure against any possible infection that may try to set in.

When to actually worry –

  • If your orchid drops many leaves very suddenly.
  • If they are dropping from the top of an orchid as shown below and/or you see dark slimy spots.
  • Click on my post on “Orchid Health: Fungus” and “Orchid Health: Rot.

Hope that Helps,


Feel free to leave comments or questions here and you can always email me at myfirstorchid@gmail.com with pictures of your orchid.

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  1. I brot this orchid home for my daughter and it has such leathery leaves. What do you do for those. I have been giving it Epsom salts for the color.

  2. I covered top roots because the leaves turn yellow after I changed bark and moss but I didn’t give food yet when?

  3. Thank so much, my husband bring me orchids every 6 to 8 months and i cant keep the blooming r living, i just recieved a new one and the flowers has left but the plant it self is still hang in.Iam scared to removed it from the soil it come in.😟😞

  4. Hi hannah
    Thanks for d good info. As a beginner i really appreciated and gain knowledge too.

  5. Hi!
    Thanks for sharing this post.

    I have a question for you… My orchid’s mature leaves are doing just fine! The second bloom of the year came just a week ago, and overall my plant looks healthy. But, I have two little leaves that are growing underneath the big leaves, and they have begun to look limp and yellow… Is this normal? Should I be concerned, or is it the same process that you have mentioned in this post?

    Thanks so much. πŸ™‚

    • Hi,

      As long as the overall health of the orchid looks good then I would assume the smaller leaves are falling off naturally,


  6. question please !!!!1
    I had bought an orchid that was on sale because most of it woodchips were spill off so I went home and I add a bit of dirt and mulch from my garden is been 3 weeks now and there is no sign of drying or dying am I ok to had done this or should I do something before it dies??

    • Hi,

      You may want to repot if the blooms have fallen off. I would repot it in orchid specific mix. Orchids like bark and/sphagnum moss. Also make sure it has lots of drainage and only water it when’s it dry.


  7. Thanks for this Hannah, really interesting and helpful. Much appreciated.

  8. Thank you that is most helpful , never used to like orchids and fell in love with them about 7 years ago and they always bloom twice a year it’s just 2 we’re loosing at the same time and I would hate to loose them

  9. I’m hoping someone can answer my question. I have numerous house plants and know quite a lot of typical plant care. I just recently starred addinf orchids. Mostly because my husband bought me one and challenged me to keep it alive. I have my 1 orchid for a few years now. It is healthy and blooms beautiful flowers when it’s in season. My issue is with a new orchid my daughter gave me for mother’s day. She had it for a good week or so at her home before mother’s day. At one point she called me and said I have flowers I got you for mother’s day and I think I’m killing them and don’t know what to do. But I don’t want to tell you what kind and ruin the surprise. So I told her it’s really hard to give advice not knowing what type of flower. I went through general checking if soil is too wet or too dry. If it needs more or less sunlight etc. She had it in a window that had sun all day. I had her move it away. She later told me it was Doing better. Also she had added Some homemade fertilizer she found instructions for online, using coffee grounds and eggshells. Still not knowing what type of flower this was I was not concerned. She assured me the site said it was good for any and all flowering plants.
    So she brings me the flowers on mother’s day. That day it looked healthy with several blooms. But within a few days the blooms started falling. I assumed it was just time for it to drop the blooms, knowing she had the plant a while.
    Then next thing I knew the whole plant turned yellow. The stems and leaves all dying off. I came to the conclusion that either the fertilizer was not right for orchids. Or she added way too much smothering the plant. She had a large amount covering the top of the pot.
    So I trimmed off the dead stems, the leaves already fell off. I removed all of the “fertilizer” I could. Watered it to rinse out what I could. The roots look like they may still be alive.
    What I’m trying to figure out, is if the roots have not completely died. If I continue to correctly care for it the same way I do my healthy orchid, will it come back? If it can, how soon would I expect to see new stem or leaves coming up? Or should I consider this one a complete loss and toss it?
    Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately without any leaves it can’t survive as shown here…

      No leaves

      With the absence of leaves, the plant can’t manufacture food. The loss of leaves usually indicate a bigger problem as in root loss or root rot. If there are no remaining leaves, or even new growth from the crown, sadly, the plant is most likely lost.

      Many times when we get orchids into our homes they were mistreated before we got them. Mass production of orchids in green houses forces them into bloom (which in itself does not hurt orchids) and then they are shipped to stores. The shipping process is taxing to orchids and then they are placed in grocery stores etc. that over or underwater them and give them zero natural light.

      And A LOT of places sell orchids in pots with no drainage which exacerbates all the problems stated above because the roots are basically trapped in water and begin to rot (even though the blooms may look beautiful at the time).

      Then we get them, they begin to suffer and we think we have hurt an orchid when actually it was all the stuff that happened to it before we got it. It’s very frustrating but not our faults at all.

      Hope that Helps,


      • Thanks Hannah,
        Your imput is very helpful. It’s disappointing that this plant is a loss. For future reference, any advice or feedback you can give one the homemade “fertilizer” my daughter used before giving me the orchid would be appreciated. I want to educate her on the best way to care for an orchid in the future. As it seems this is something she is likely to get me again in the future.
        My first question would be if her homemade coffee ground, eggshell mix is even good for the plant?
        Second, if it is safe would the way she piled a large amount over the roots and pot be a good way to use it. Or how best would it be applied?
        Thank You!

      • Hi,

        I have never made my own fertilizer. I do know orchids like a specific orchid fertilizer that is different then normal house plant fertilizer so I would be careful.

        I wouldn’t like anything on top of an orchid because they like air flow and the ability to breathe.


  10. Thanks for the useful information. I’m new at this and am concerned when I see something like that

  11. My leaf is turning yellow & my flower buds are falling off.. what should I do?

  12. Thanks for the enlightenment. I often wonder about this.

  13. Hi i love orchids but don’t know how to take care off thwm i have adout 6 that i got as gifts but their dying help

  14. Hi ,I have Venda orchid but they got affect chemical environmental from outside the screen and my Venda root 50 percent get kill and now over year they are just recover from it but everytime they are making flower and they all died but the tree is fine and I don’t know what happen can you please tell what can I do

    • Maybe you burned your vanda with some sort of insecticide/funghicide od plant food. Sometimes pepople use to move their plants outside after winter ane with no shade plants are not ready for Sun and get burned.My Vandas and Ascocendas are inside october-march and when moved on my balcony they are in shade till april to accomodate.

  15. Hi, I have 2 Phalaenopsis orchids. when bought from the nursery, they were blooming. after 3 weeks of leaving them in the house, the flowers started to fall, and then the whole plant fell and was soft.. the place where I leave the Orchids are in the living room with not direct sunlight..now the 2nd orchid (Phalaenopsis orchid) , the leave is starting to turn yellow as well..Need your advise on this..

  16. Hello, I’ve never had any luck with orchids, but I received one for Christmas, and it’s been doing well. Recently, the bot time leaves (two of them), began yellowing. One is worse odd than the other. It’s still blooming, some new buds look like they may open up, and there are still five healthy looking leaves. I don’t know if I’m killing it or not. Please help! (I took pictures, but I can’t figure out how to load them to this comment.)

  17. Goodmorning, One of 2 stems has turned yellow though the is a sprout 2 palms long that is still green, is there still hope to recover please? Should I cut it at the base?

  18. I received my orchid last April and I keep it at work. It was my very first orchid. I thought I was doing right by it: new leaves/roots and now a baby orchid growing from where I snipped the stem back to a node. When I came to work on Monday and found the bottom leaf turning yellow I was shocked. Thank you for your blog to calm my nerves.

  19. My trimmed my stem down to the node, my orchid is now growing a new shoot from that stem, but I have had 2 leaves turn yellow and fall off during this process. Should I be concerned?

  20. Hi Hannah, I bought a phan last summer and it bloomed beautifully. However, today (Jan 30/17) the whole leaf system fell off when I moved it to water. Is there any chance of saving this beauty? Colleen

  21. Love this! My boyfriend was having troubles with his Orchid and this helped him a lot, followed your blog as I’m a fellow plant lover haha πŸ˜€

  22. I got my first phalenopsis orchid with me gifted by my friend just 3 months ago. It was in a blooming state and I was watering it once every week (approx 50ml water). The flowers dried and withered first. Then the stem and then the leaves. Now I am just left with the roots that are green. I started watering my orchid every two days since the medium
    Was too dry and it was extremely sunny weather. I definitely want to regain it back, but I am not sure how. I place my orchid in my hall on a side table where there’s medium light exposure. Kindly help to revive back.

  23. Hi Hannah,

    I had my first orchid 6 weeks ago. It had some flowers and blooms when I bought it. Two bottom leaves turn yellow recently. The blooms haven’t been opened yet. Is this normal? one bloom has opened half for more than a week. Just wonder why it hasn’t opened properly! Is something wrong with my orchid plant?


  24. I’ve had my new orchid over a year now and it’s done well so far. My last I had for 4 years til it had baby orchids budding and I had no clue had to handle that and it died (so sad). I had a double but it lost one stalk after blooming. The remaining stalk has bloomed twice and done wonderfully. After the last bloom it she’d the bottom two leaves which is fine but now 2 of the remaining 3 leaves are also yellowing and the base that they’re growing from school yellowing. It’s been cared for properly but all of a sudden seems to not be doing well. Is this normal or is it dieing?

  25. Hello! I was wondering how often orchids shed their leaves. I have two phals, one that I’ve had for two years and one that I’ve had for a few months. Both have shed one leaf each. The younger one shed a diseased leaf (obviously not a normal case of shedding) a few weeks after I got it. Will it shed an old one any time soon, or will shedding the diseased leaf throw it off its cycle?

    The older one has grown two leaves in the time I’ve had it, roughly one leaf a year. It shed its smallest seedling leaf last year. Will it shed another one this year? Is shedding a leaf a yearly cycle or is it related to the growth of its new leaves? Currently it’s not putting up leaves and is instead focusing on roots (I had a bad case of root rot that it’s starting to recover from now that I’ve repotted it). So does that mean it won’t shed leaves soon since it isn’t growing new ones?

    Thank you!

    • Orchids grow new leaves and new roots on their own cycle. And old leaf dying back typically means a new one is growing. Some grow faster. Some grow slower.


  26. Thank you for the information. I was just worrying. I thought maybe it needed to be repotted. I mist it often and it looks happy. New growth and blooms on time. But am interested in the tray you’re talking about.

  27. Thank you Hannah again, coming to our rescue!! This time it was about yellowing leaves- No matter what happens.., this part of the blog= much appreciated! i’ll see what happens, meanwhile the leaf that turned yellow & fell off may not be a big warning after all. At very least, I’m learning.

  28. My orchid got root rot very badly so i had to cut almost all of its roots off, they basically crumbled off, when i repotted it. There are still a few short ones, though. I washed it with hydrgen peroxide and applied cinnamon. Almost as soon as i repotted it, the bottom leaf is turning yellow, which according to your blog, is normal. Can an orchid regrow almost all of its roots?

    • Hi,

      I had an orchid survive that had one root. It was amazing and probably a miracle but it can happen. Just make sure you only water it when it’s dry and see if it perks up,


  29. My first orchid was very healthy when i got one month ago..suddenly two bottom leaves became yellow and most flowers withered and fell off. I read tips online how to care for orchids in summer because i thought may need more water but we have AC and keep it at 68 degrees which is not hot or cold.
    So i tempted to water twice a week one time and saw flowers closing and falling so i realised watering was fine once a week. I removed orchid from pot to see how the roots were doing and removed a lot of dried and some looking like black mushy…i put it back in the same pot and didn’t change anything except accidently brake a root at middle pushing down to put back in pot…oops!
    What do i do next? Any tips? Thanks!

  30. Hello
    My first orchid has started losing leaves. Reading your blog it sounds like part of the normal cycle. However, 4 have fallen off (all from the bottom) and I can see a 5th starting to turn. I water every 7-10 days like you suggest. The roots still look green. Is it normal to lose so many leaves or could it be something worse? Thanks so much!

  31. Hi iv sent you an email containing pictures of my orchids hope you can help me X

  32. My orchid will not bloom the tiny buds turn yellow and fall off, on the same plant, the bottom leaves also turned yellow and dropped off. This plant makes many buds that never bloom. 😦

  33. Hi! I just got an orchid, and the tag says it is a Vuly. Carnivale ‘Rio.’ Right now the bottom of the leaves are starting to wrinkle and the flowers are turning golden brown. Also, the leaves are staring to turn yellow, and some are starting to turn light green. HELP!

  34. Hi
    Wondering if you can offer some advice for my new/sick orchid. Bought on sale in the hope I can save it, but not sure what it is.

  35. Thankyou I found this very helpfull I don’t have much sucuss with houseplants so I don’t want to lose Orchid

  36. Hi Hannah

    Thank you for this blog!
    I bought a large orchid on sale, with pinky flowers and a cerise pink/purpley flower part in the middle (sorry for the crude flower part descriptions!)

    The plant is still in bloom now (about 3 months) although some flowers have dropped off. I live in London and it’s winter so it’s not the sunniest place but the leaves are a healthy colour green. I’ve got a new flowering branch that’s grown which is a great sign. But over the last month I’ve noticed the leaves are starting to look almost creased and weak, a bit collapsed like an orcas dorsel fin when they’re kept in enclosures. The very bottom leaves are yellowing (which I’ve read on your blog is ok) but it’s the top leaves which are looking creased and floppy that worry me. The plant sits on the sunniest windowsill (which is average sunny) and is near a radiator. Because it’s near the radiator I water it with a spray bottle about once a week. Is there something I can do to support it? Food? Should I re-pot?
    So grateful for your blog. Thank you

  37. Hi,

    I have an orchid that is doing great and I even got it to rebloom. Today I noticed the stems have water around the notches, does that mean I am watering it too much or not enough or is that normal?


  38. I was given a very small potted orchid two years ago. The pot was only about two inches in diameter. This is my first orchid. I repotted it just before Christmas this year because the stem had not regenerated. So with sterile sizzers and lots of care I cut all old dried up roots and repotted it into a four inch pot, with hole in bottom. Soon I saw a new stem shooting up. It is now about four inches and I should figure out how to steak it now. Shortly after I repotted I had one leaf leave the plant. Today there were two. I read your blog about yellowing leaves and hope that this means it is ok. Just want to make sure I am ok with all of this so far. Your response will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  39. Ordered a orchid book on 9 20 15 have not received it please let know if I will get it

  40. Hi, I just noticed that there are 2 little wild mushroom growing in my orchid pot (I bought it about 3 months ago, never repotted). Wish I could attach the pictures! Shall I pull them out or let them live? Alicja

  41. I bought a dying Orchid…I repotted it and Fertilized and foot fed it. The poor thing didn’t have a chance to start. it had 90% root rot. I removed all the dead root as instructed and repotted in Orchid soil. but its lost all its leaves and now the stem is dying back. had my orchid given up and died? I continue to moisten the soil every 7 days. but I don’t see any new growth. Meanwhile, my other orchids are now beginning to loose its blooms and one of them is doing the yellow leaf as some of the postings above. I’m a rookie at this…any comment on the dying orchid? Do I continue trying? or has it gone to orchid heaven?…thank you

  42. I recently repotted my orchid last week. I removed all of the spongy soil that came with the original pot. I then placed it in orchid soil/mulch in a pot with plenty of drainage holes. Now the bottom leaves are yellowing from the inside out and the stalk is also yellowing. What should I do next?

  43. I just bought a pot of orchard last week and the leaves which are near to the stem part started to turn yellow. Initially I thought it was fine but soon even more leaves started turn yellow.
    Can you please advise me ? I water regularly and even sprayed with fertilizer daily.
    How can I post the pic to show you in order to be more specific ?

  44. My orchid has re flowered 3 times now over the course of two years, however I have just moved house and noticed the tip of a stem is going yellow – what can I do? Is it bad news?

  45. Recently I went away for about 4 weeks due to a bathroom renovations and came back to find most of my phalaenopsis orchids had very limp leaves and where starting to look almost liquid-like inside and translucent. Some have now lost nearly every leaf and some look like they will loose all of them. I did make sure I popped home to water all my indoor plants, but did notice that the house was quite cold (9 degrees celsius -we did find our that the tradespeople sometimes had the heating on). I am assuming the cold temperature is what caused this to happen, but know that I am home and the temperature is more stable it is still happening. I don’t know what to do to stop this. The pots have lots of drainage holes and I make sure I don’t over water. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi,

      That is interesting and I am so sorry that happened to you. Orchids don’t like sudden drops and rises of temperature but I don’t know why the leaves would look like that. Do they seem to be rotting? Do you only water them when dry? How long have you had them?

      You can always send me pictures at myfirstorchid@gmail.com


      • No they don’t seem to be rotting, maybe they are just stressed and are dropping leaves to cope?? Yes, I only water them when they are dry (I learnt that the hard way with previous orchids I had) and fertilise according to the instructions on the packet (but will admit to forgetting to fertilise on the odd occasion). I have had most of them for a year and a couple for over 3 years now.

      • Then it has to be the cold. See if they perk up with good solid temperatures. They may have experienced freezing which could cause them to have some serious trauma.

        Again I am so sorry this happened to you.


  46. What is wrong with my orchid? I have 1 leaf left, the leaves turned yellow & fell off, the leaf that’s left is starting to yellow also,so is the base.

  47. Hello Hannah,

    The leaves of my orchid are leathery and wrinkled but it has still flowers. I suspect it is due to lack of hydration. I was away for a month and I left to my husband. When i got back – TERRIBLE!!! How to regain its beautiful leaves?

  48. Hi, I repotted my butterfly orchid and very quickly it seemed to outgrow it again? Roots coming out of. All holes

  49. I just cut my orchid and now the stem is turning brown does this mean that I have killed my orchid?

  50. Hello, I have had my orchid for for a few months. Once the flowers dropped I reported it in a new clear pit with lots of drainage. The media in the pot is coconut husk not bark.I didn’t cut the spikes, it had two. I water it about once a week but just this week all the leaves are turning yellow and the spikes are starting to look dead. Should I cut the spikes? Should I try putting it in bark?

  51. Hi,
    I am from India. I had bought one Phalaenopsis with two blooming sticks. After blooming the first two flowers, they have started drooping. The rest of the buds are also not very healthy, which it appeared to be two days back. I kept the plant near a south facing window, which receives lot of indirect light and plenty of wind. The humidity is very high. I was continously fertlizing the plant kept in a dripping plastic container, which as supposed to release the liquid fertlizer drop by drop. However, two days back, all of the fertilizer was emptied due to sudden release. Is it the cause of the flower drooping? The roots look perfectly healthy.
    Please advice

  52. Hello, sad to say my orchid was doing wonderful. It’s flowers fell off and I went to repot since it was in too small of a container. When I pulled the plant out literally every root was either dried or rotted. Oddly the plant itself had no distinct changes, no leaves fell, the spike is fine, and no color change whatsoever. So I clipped all the roots until there was fresh root only left which sadly was only centimeters from the base of the plant. This was about a week ago and it has started growing new roots. Also the bottom small leaves have fallen off but I attribute that to normal re growth. Should I worry at this point or do anything in particular? Thank you all. πŸ™‚ happy growing.

    • Hi,

      I am sorry the roots looked so bad. The best thing you can do now is water it only when it’s very dry and make sure it potted in a pot with lots of drainage and is never in standing water. Best of luck!


  53. Hello,
    I have a question about my Orchid. I bought it about 1 month ago. Even though it’s pot is without drainage,it has been very well until recently. It’s bottom leaves have turned to yellow and also some of the flowers are falling down and the other flowers are not as fresh as before. Please let me know what’s the problem and what should I do. I really appreciate it.

  54. Hello,

    Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the helpful information posted here. Have an orchid with some yellow leaves but after reading here and checking the pot again noticed there was no drainage and a bunch of moisture to say the least. Removed orchid and letting the roots air out and dry then will take it from there. Thanks so much and although many of us read and then get to saving the plant etc. I just wanted to let you know we appreciate you and your insight. : )

  55. Hey Hannah
    So my orchid I got from Walters a garden centre on May 1. My orchids flowers on one stem look droopy. So I went to a florist who repotted my plant in Fafard Orchid potting mix, bottom and top. She filled it with water and then drained it letting the bark get moist (there is no draining hole I just dump it out upside twice every two minutes). I re-watered it 5hours later with fertilized water Schultz orchid liquid food it said to let it sit in the water for 25 mins for the first watering (May 11). That was the first time it’s been watered since I got it. But yesterday I brought it with me back to Walters leaving it on the dash board to give it sun cause that stem of flowers were droopy, but they’re not suppose to get direct sun and I think I had it sitting there for 20 minutes for to long cause now my leaves are what I would say burnt. Cause the 2 bottoms are fine but the three tops are tan but the third one down is half tan half green like the top leaf covered the green part from the sun. Please help I gave you the whole thing hoping you would can see where I went wrong. I’ve been stressing out this whole time. Do you want photos?

  56. Hello! I received a Phal for Valentine’s Day and it has been doing well until recently: The leaves (top and bottom) turned yellow, and all but one were ready to fall off as of this morning. It was originally planted in peat moss so I only watered it when the top inch or so of the soil was dry, but I felt that the moss was still retaining too much water, so I repotted it in an orchid growing mix about a week ago. At the time, the roots looked mostly ok – I cut a few dead ones off but there were no squishy-looking or obviously rotten ones. And the new pot has more drainage, so that’s not an issue. I watered my plant today for the first time since re-potting it, and I must have jostled the pot too much (even though I was really gentle) and the remaining healthy leaf simply fell off!!! I am devastated, although the roots still look good (checked again, not rotting), and there is also no crown rot. (Treated with cinnammon to prevent it.) Do you think there’s a chance this plant could come back with some TLC since there are roots but practically no leaves? Thanks!

  57. My leaves turn soft n beneath the leaves it have some brownish yellow. Any idea What is the cause? Had watered once a week n the roots is still looking good I guess.

    The plants don’t look good

      • Hi Hannah,

        Had send you the picture. It is potter in a pot with drainage hole. Using moss and bark. Now i check that the moss are dried before watering else it’s a weekly matters.

  58. Hi,

    I’m new to orchids (phal) and have had one since oct last year. It’s been doing well and not long after Xmas it lost it’s blooms so I have been reducing my watering even more, watching the roots, and chopped to the next nearest node.
    However it’s just looking sad currently. The leaves appear to the splitting and they are starting to ‘curl’. I don’t feel I am over watering but as I am new to this I think I need a little help. Also I’ve noticed a little white ‘fur’ on the potting bark….is this a fungal infection? HELP! I don’t want my little orchid to die! It’s quite special to me!!
    Gem xxx

  59. Thank you so much, Heavenly Hanna! My orchid had yellow bottom leaves, and I was sad too, until I read your answers above. Hooray! It is ok! Also, last fall I was told to cut the two stalks back, after the orchid was done blooming. I cut them back about 5 inches. Will these stalks eventually grow tall again and bloom?? Or did I cut them off too much? Thanks for your help!

    • Joan,

      Heavenly Hannah πŸ™‚ ha!! I am glad I could help.

      When your orchid puts out new bloom shoots they will be from an entirely different spot. You can cut the current ones back to the base.


  60. The flower bud of my vanda orchids turns to yellow even the stem. Why does it happens?

    • Hi,

      Vandas can be super finicky.

      How much and how often are you watering it? Is it potted in a free draining pot?

      Are all the leaves turning yellow?


  61. Mahalo, Hannah, for this post! I donΚ»t have a green thumb and was gifted with a beautiful orchid that continues to bloom, but the bottoms leaves are yellow. I was sad until I read your post! Sending you Aloha from Maui! πŸ™‚

  62. I’ve had my blue mystique orchid for about almost 2 months and I’ve been taking really good care of it, it’s very special to me because my fiance surprised me with it as a gift. I really don’t want my orchid to die off. The 2 bottom leaves are yellow with a tiny bit of brown in a spot shape. I left my home for about 4 days but I watered it before I left and made sure the blinds in the window it sits by was opened. I made sure I gave it orchid food before I left also. I usually give it food every other week. I’m not sure of the good and bads in an orchid considering it’s my very first one. It’s lost all of it flowers which isn’t my concern it’s the leaves. Please help me figure out if this is good or bad please.

  63. I have been recovering sad orchids for a while now as I have the oerfect sunny and warm window sill that they seem to love.
    I have one just now that is very sad. The top leave turned yellow so I pilled it off (no resistance felt) Now it won’t grow at all. Have I killed it or is it worth still feeding and watering it?
    I water/feed when it is bone dry about once or twice a month.

  64. I have an orchid. this is my first orchid. I think mine is completely dead without a doubt. When i first purchased the vanda orchid, the florist told me to either fill the container it is in halfway with water for 30 mins every week OR put a little water in the bottom and once it soaks all of it up add more. I decided to go with filling it up. it did great. It lost its flower stem and i cut that off all the way down as instructed and continued to water it the same way as before. I started to notice the water was getting dirty so i’d change the water once a week then it started getting really bad, i’d change the water one day and by the next day the water was murky Soon leaves started turning yellow, roots were turning brown. i read up on having to trim the roots and yellow leaves. i did that and the water stayed clearer longer but the leaves kept turning yellow and falling off. I called a local nursery and she told me that i was over watering to pull the dead leaves off, drain the water and only water the orchid once every three weeks under running water. its only a week and half since that call. the roots aren’t even the green/white color they once were anymore and all but two leaves have fallen off and the stem of the plant is brown. This is my first orchid. I want to make sure i’ve actually completely killed the plant before i throw it away. I really liked that orchid. HELP!

  65. I have an orchid (not sure what kind) that I received as a gift when my son was born (3 years ago Monday!) and I just noticed some slight yellowing on the leaves and one black spot. So upon trying to figure out what was going on, I came upon your blog and realized that maybe I was drowning it! So sure enough I took it out of the pretty pot that it came in and it was sitting in several inches of water while the plant itself was in a clear pot. It does look like there is extensive root rot too. 😦 Is it to late to save it? It is in full bloom right now, which is only it’s second bloom since the first bloom fell off, so I know re putting it right now will probably shock it. I did cut off one rotting root that was growing out of the holes in the bottom of the pot and cauterized it with cinnamon. I currently have it just sitting just in the clear pot over a drainage tray. What else can I do?

    • Hi Brandi –

      I would love to help!

      First stop watering it. Let it completely dry out. Don’t water it till it is super dry down by the roots. Leave it outside of the pot without drainage and don’t put it back.

      When it’s super dry you can pour some hydrogen peroxide down by the roots which has water in it. Wait a day and do that again. This will aerate the roots.

      At this point the blooms should probably be falling off. If they have you can repot it. If not then start watering it like I state on the blog until the blooms fall and then repot it.

      You can always send me a picture at myfirstorchid@gmail.com and I can tell you what kind of orchid it is.

      Let me know if that makes sense and if you have more questions,


  66. My vanda has wrinkly slightly yellow leaves and no active root tips it is in a clay pot with large bark should I dry it out a bit it is. A vanda coerulea I just moved it into my greenhouse any advice

    • I have one Vanda – it is one of the few orchids that I don’t know a lot about. I would refer you to the asking the http://www.repotme.com people. They are great at Vanda’s. You can ask a question by clicking their help link. I am so sorry to not be more helpful.


  67. Dear Hannah,

    Thank you so much for your post. It is truly knowledgeable and helpful. I very much appreciate your effort to share this knowledge with us πŸ™‚

    I bought a lemon colored Phalaenopsis Orchid around two months ago, which was then in it’s full bloom. So far the orchid was fine. I watered it way too much around 4 weeks ago, but since then I have been very careful about it. I keep the pot dry and do check if there is enough moisture in the barks. Also now I use a spray to water it every two days or so to maintain the moisture.

    But from the last one week, suddenly it’s last two leaves became yellow and fell. I thought it might be natural shedding. But then the top two leaves also turned yellow and now only one is left. Also the fully bloomed stems of flower turned yellowish brown and all the flowers are almost dead now. I thought it might be because of insufficient light as I had kept it 7 ft away from window and most of the time I had curtains drew on them. But the curtains are of red color and I thought they pass sufficient light for the orchids.

    Also, I noticed that the roots which were in the air and were juicy and fresh once, they all dried up too.

    Now I fear my plant is already dead. Can I do something to save it now? 😦

    • Hi,

      I would love to help! Orchids tend to lose their blooms pretty quickly after you purchase it as shown here..


      But leaves turning yellow that quickly and on top is not normal.

      Does your orchid have a drainage hole?


      Over watering can cause root rot and so can a pot with no drainage. You are also dealing with whatever care the orchid got before your purchased it.

      Unfortunately a Phalaneopsis orchid can’t survive without leaves as shown here..


      So if the last leaf falls then yes it’s gone but don’t give up on orchids. Buy another one and see how that one works out. I have had many die before I got the hang of it (and then still have had some of them die for various reasons). Best of luck,


      • Thanks Hannah. It is in two pots actually. One has a drainage hole and this one I have kept in a pot which has no drainage hole. I try my best to take care of this by not watering it way too much. I have another two orchids which so far are doing pretty good this way.

      • Do you water it while it’s in both pots or take it out of the outer pot and then water it and put it back?

        Also how often do you water it?


      • Initially I watered it when it was in both pots. But now I use a spray to water it every 3-4 days. Also the last leaf fell yesterday and I saw there was fungal infection in the roots and also saw some Fungus Gnats over there 😦 I assume that it is dead now.

      • Sadly if a Phalaenopsis has no leaves then it is most likely dead as shown here…


        Most likely it was watered by the store before you got it in that pot with no drainage which eventually kills an orchid – this is very common and probably not your fault. I sent you that link on drainage pots which should help in the future. I would try again – I have had many orchids die before I knew some of this stuff.

        Best of luck,


  68. hi i am from india 2 days back i purchased 2 Dendrobium keep it inside the room in low light now suddenly today morning i saw top leaf of one plant is getting yellow please guide me as i am beginner for orchid. please help me out to save my plant

      • daily morning watering it and pots all plastic pots with full drainage system. room temp also 25-32 cel please guide me

      • hello friend as i am staying in chennai india climate is too hot so i am watering it daily and the shop from wher i brought it thy told to water it twice a day . now most of my plant leaves are getting yellow and started to fall down i thing it is going to die please help me to save my orchid

    • hello yes my orchid is still in home and his full body now turns yellow .
      and i am having a air condition room but i put that plant in a non ac room and i check the root was totally dry before watering i just to spray water fully on root and body not directly putting water on pot

  69. I would really appreciate your help, please! About two months ago, one of the leaves turned yellow quite suddenly over a period of about two days and then fell off. There were also fairly evenly-distributed black spots only on the stem of the leaf. I was worried, but it seemed to be only localized to that leaf, so I left it alone. Then today I came home, and two more leaves had turned yellow during the course of the day, and one has fallen off! What is going on? My orchid does have drainage holes and I water it once a week with ice cubes.

    • Hi Kiran,

      I would love to help! Is there a way you could send me a picture at myfirstorchid@gmail.com if not we can try to figure it out here.

      Getting an orchid in a span of a few months ago can be tricky because it may not be what you are doing at all. It could be from the care it received before you got it.

      Many times when we get orchids into our homes they were mistreated before we got them. Mass production of orchids in green houses force them into bloom (which in itself does not hurt orchids) and then ship them to stores. The shipping process is taxing to orchids and then they are placed in grocery stores etc., that over or underwater them and give then zero natural light. These things don’t show up in an orchid for awhile.

      Some questions for you:

      Do you wait till it’s very dry before you water it? Like deep down by the roots dry? You can check with your finger or a pencil/wooden chopstick and feel/look for moisture.

      Also is it placed near a window for natural light?


  70. Please help me I got my first orchids a gift from my hubby for a mother’s day but it seems like it’s sick the bottom leaves turning yellow at first and now looks like all are not looking healthy anymore… I send you a message just now with my orchids picture please help me…. Thank you in advance…

    • Hi,

      I would love to help! I emailed you back and noticed in your pictures that your orchid pot has no drainage hole.

      First and foremost your roots are suffering in that pot with no drainage. This is a very common thing for florist to pot orchids in pots like these but it actually kills orchids. Orchids need to have total drainage or their roots smother and die as explained here..


      Look for an inner pot inside the white one. If it has one take it out and discard the white pot. If it doesn’t -find a similar size pot with drainage and place it in their until the blooms fall of naturally and then repot it.

      If you totally repot while in bloom the blooms may prematurely fall off because repotting shocks and orchid.

      Once you have the orchid in a pot with drainage let it totally dry out before watering it again and then when you go to water – water it this way…


      Hope that helps and let me know if you have further questions,


    My orchid has been doing so well cut back my stems and a new leaf started to come out. I water it ever so often usually when it’s dry. I have been learning when to water it. Today I noticed that the tips of all my leaves have started to brown! Except the new one. But the new leaf has a weird dent/mark on it. What can I do to fix it or stop it from browning? It was doing so well!

    Ps I had to was it’s leaves I accidentally got droplets of something on it. Very light white droplets.

    Thank you in advance!

  72. Hi Hannah,
    Thank you for your post on yellow orchid leaves! I noticed a few days ago that my phalaenopsis orchid looked funny. It has only two leaves, but is in full bloom with healthy looking flowers. I have had the plant for years, and it has grown well. However, it has never had more than three leaves, because as new ones come in the oldest one dies off. Yesterday I was alarmed to see the bottom leaf had turned almost completely yellow. The upper leaf looks healthy. I will wait to see what happens with the hope that a new leaf will grow once it’s done flowering. Thanks again for your reassuring post!

  73. Hello,

    I have had an orchid in my office for about two years and have gotten it to rebloom three times, so I thought it was in pretty good shape. Right now it just bloomed about a dozen really large and beautiful flowers and the leaves were nice and green so I thought all was well. Then I came back from the weekend and suddenly one of the bottom leaves is yellow and has blisters, including one huge blister at the bottom of the leave. Does my orchid have some kind of infection or am I doing something wrong? I’ve never seen this before.

  74. Hello, I got an orchid 2 weeks ago and the flowers are already falling, plus noticed two bottom leaves yellowing. How can I send the pic to you? Have no idea what is going on with my orchid and also worried because I’m in London and the light…well…there isn’t much of it…thank you

    • Hi,

      I would love to help. You can send the picture to myfirstorchid@gmail.com.

      Let me know how you water it?
      How often?
      Are there drainage holes at the bottom of the orchid pot?

      And look at my post on orchid blooms dying naturally and the one on Bud blast.



      • Hello, I’m sorry I forgot to thank you for your help! So thank you so much I hope everything goes well with the orchid.

  75. I think I have a fungus problem with mine. Maybe I was over watering. Some of the roots appear to be shriveling. And there’s white powder spots on some of the roots. Is this normal? The plant is blooming all new growth though

  76. So it is perfectly normal for all the leaves to fall off once they turn yellow? Because my orchid only has one leaf left right now and I am slightly worried because this is my first orchid and I don’t really know what I am doing i just hope I don’t kill it or its not dying..

    • Kayla,

      I would love to help. What your describing is not normal. It’s only normal if one (maybe two) bottom leaves fall off while new baby leaves are growing from the top.

      Orchids can’t survive without roots and leaves. Can I as you a few questions,

      Do you know what type of orchid it is?
      How long have you had it?
      How do you water it?
      How much do you water it?
      Where is it placed in your home?

      We can go from there,


      • I was afraid you’d say something like that.. My orchid is a phalaenopsis and I’ve only had it for maybe 4 months. I water it with ice cubes about every 2 weeks depending if it seemed like it needed it. I have it sitting on my dresser in my room since my room is the only warm place for it it gets sunlight up there when I open the curtains.

      • Does you orchid pot have drainage holes at the bottom?

        As far as light goes it needs to be by a window that has natural light all the time. Not just occasionally when the drapes are open. Our house gets cold near the big bay window my orchids are placed by. As long as your home is not freezing (I would assume it’s heated) then your fine placing by another window that has more light.


      • Yeah the pot has draining holes. And I live in an apartment with a roommate who doesn’t like to turn the heat up too high so i know it’s too cold in the rest of the place for the orchid to sit which is why it’s in my room. But honestly is it a little too late for my orchid?

      • It’s not too late as long as that last leaf doesn’t fall off. I had one that came back from having only one leaf.

  77. Very helpful, I was quite worried that my prized orchid was getting yellow, it is my fifth orchid I’ve owned. The first three I was inexperienced and did things I shouldn’t have. Now, I’ve had this one for about a few months and when I got it, it was blooming, now it is dormant and I was worried I was killing my orchid again by it yellowing. So it is a great relief to know it is just doing its thing, also question: in another orchid I have the top of the soil is white is that mold? Or just residue from fertilizer?

  78. Hi. This is great post! I am urgently looking for help.
    I have been given my first orchid (consisting of several stems) less than two weeks ago. When I got it, it had 3 white flowers and the leaves were beautiful.

    12 days later, over 20 flowers have opened up, but the once beautiful leaves – especially on one of the stems – are turning yellow and falling off. This has been happening very rapidly and I am worried.

    I’ve watered the plant once by dipping it in a bucket full of water. I suspect, some moisture may have remained in the pot. A week later, I watered again, but added some fertilizer to the water that a flower shop gave me.

    I’m really not sure if the plant is getting too much or too little water, too much or too little light. I just watch this beautiful plant deteriorate every day.

    Do you have any advice?

    Here are a few pictures: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s19/sh/4da9c7e5-0c61-49d6-9c92-ea95dc6769a9/8befdaccf605a813d053b7ba43b8cc83

    (Let me know if you can see them from the link)

    Thanks in advance!!

    • From doing more research, I suspect it may be fungus. I stuck my finger up from the bottom of the pot and there is definitely some moisture in there. Not sure what to do next. I’m not in the US so I can probably not easily order products from there.

      • If this is true then you should repot it – you can treat it hydrogen peroxide… Do they have that where you live?

        If you do repot – the orchid blooms will probably all fall off because this shocks the orchid but you may be able to save it for the future.


    • Marc,

      Hi I would love to help. This is a Dendrobium orchid which means that the stalks look a lot like bamboo and they have to be staked because they can be quite top heavy and tend to topple over easily. They also don’t like being repotted even though they often need it.

      I have found that these type of orchids like to be left alone. I water them when they need it but don’t really fuss with them a lot.

      That being said – the amount of yellowing that is happening is something to be concerned about.

      You just received this orchid so it’s hard to tell what happened before you got it. It could have been over or under watered. I would expect it was overwatered.

      I have some question-

      How do you water it?
      Is it near a window with natural light?


      • Hello Hanna,

        thank you very much for your reply. I’m sure I can find hydrogen peroxide or something similar here. Do I just spray it on the yellow/black spots?
        I will take it to a flower shop to repot. However, loosing all the blooms sounds terrible. Maybe I’ll find another way…

      • Yes you spray it on the spots and pour it on the roots if they are rotting too. If it fizzles then you know it’s working.

        You can wait till the blooms naturally fall off before repotting it you like…


  79. Hi, I need some help. My orchid started growing keiki. Everything was ok for few months and now all of the sudden the leaves on mother orchid started to turn yellow and they fell off. On the bottom of them (3 leaves) was something black. I put them in water and some sort of slime coat appeared. I am also checking my orchid and it looks like stems are also starting to turn yellow. Does that means that the orchid is dying. And what to do with keiki sine it still looks fine and green however it is not very big. Thanks!

    • Mirela,

      I would love to help!

      Keiki’s happen in most cases when the mother is not doing well. This seems to the case with yours. It’s the orchids way of saving itself.

      How long have you had it?
      How do you water it?
      Does your orchid pot have drainage holes on the bottom?
      Where is it placed (near a window)?

      Leave the keiki alone. I have a post on keiki’s (there are two different types)…


      It sounds like your orchid has some form of rot or fungus – I also have post on this.

      Let me know the above answers to the question and we can go from there.


      • I have this orchid for about 10 months. It was doing great until few weeks ago. I usually water it once a week, sometimes even once every two weeks. I water it from the top of the plant, I do not put the water in the bottom of the pot. Pot has drain holes on the bottom. And finally, it is placed near a window, kind of like on the side of the window. It has daily light but it is not directly under the light since there is a curtain on the window.
        i have also noticed that the stems are starting to yellow. The one with keiki is half yellow (upper half is still green).

      • Mirela,

        It seems like your watering it properly but it does seem to have some form of rot or fungus because of the slimy stuff you said it had. I would look at my two post on rot and fungus.

        You can treat it with hydrogen peroxide. You treat it full strength on the roots and dab it on the leafs. You can also use cinnamon (the common household spice) and sprinkle it on the effected areas because it is a natural fungicide.


      • I am afraid it might be too late since there are no leaves left on it. I justa wanted to know if I cut off part of stem with keiki is it possible to save it that way? or there is no hope for keiki?

  80. Hello, i have had an oncidium orchid for about 4 months. it went through it’s bloom and a few days ago i saw noticed a new sprout! It’s my first orchid so i got so excited! however, today i realised the new sprout inner leaves have turned black, maybe its rotten in the inside? can you advise me please?

  81. Hey,

    My new orchid looks healthy, but the one leaf isnt looking that well. Its becoming soft and I can see the inside of the leaf; a bit transparent. What could the problem be with this orchid?

    • Ella,

      Hmmmm well your watering correctly (letting water pour threw it and not letting it sit in standing water) and the light seems ok.

      I am wondering if it was suffering from how it was treated before you got it. Sometimes orchids show signs if suffering months after they were ill treated before.

      How many leaves have fallen off and how many do you have left?


  82. Thank you Hannah!

    I have been watering it approximately twice a month, once in two weeks. I open the tap water, leave it for 1 or 2 minutes and after put the flower into another place, it drained the water and than put in it’s vase. The shop girl told to water like this: put the vase into a big basin and leave there for one hour…. Two first time I watered this way, but I saw that the fertilizer were distributed in the water and was concerned that it can be lost.

    The orchid is located near the window, but the sunbeam never reach it.

    • Ella,

      Your watering it totally fine. I water mine like this…

      So is it placed completely out of any sun or just in indirect sunlight?


  83. Hi,
    I was reading you and found really helpful. Could you please help my orchid?
    I got a Phalaenopsis orchid on April. It was blooming and after one month all the flowers fall down. During this month the leaves starts becoming yellow and fall down 3 of them and the others are in process. I am afraid that it may be dying…I do not know what to do…. Please could you help me? πŸ™‚

  84. Hi! I have an orchid that has only been blooming for a couple of weeks – it has about 5 blooms that look absolutely fine but two of the smaller closed buds have gone yellow and shrivelled up – one overnight and one the night before that. I have trimmed them off but as they died so quickly I’m worried I’ll lose more. If you have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks πŸ™‚ Kate

  85. Hello, I have an orchid that appears to be dying. I started out with 6 leaves, 2 of the bottom leaves fell off naturally (I believe) after the flowers fell off and I re-potted the plant. So now I have 4 but out of the 4, 2 on the top has really dark spots. I got the Physan 20 and applied them to the 2 leaves with the dark spot and when I watered the plant I watered it with some water that had physan 20 diluted in it and some cinnamon. It has only been 2 days since I have done this but now one of the top leaf that had the dark spots is turning yellow. and the 2 remaining leaf now on the bottom is mostly green but has little yellow spotting.

    There is also a new leave growing but it is still very small and I wonder if it will grow big enough to survive before the others all might fall off, or maybe the size of it does not matter? Therefore I would like to know if this plant is savable and maybe you can tell me what I am doing wrong or need to do to make it better.

    Also I was wondering if it is bad to leave orchids outside, under shade?

    Thank you

    • Hi,

      I am going to cut and paste your questions to make it easier…

      “I got the Physan 20 and applied them to the 2 leaves with the dark spot and when I watered the plant I watered it with some water that had physan 20 diluted in it and some cinnamon. It has only been 2 days since I have done this but now one of the top leaf that had the dark spots is turning yellow. and the 2 remaining leaf now on the bottom is mostly green but has little yellow spotting.”

      Look at the link on Orchid Light Requirements… Compare the pic of sunburned orchid leaves and see if that is what your orchid leaf had. If this is the case then Physan 20 is not want you want use. But if its mushy rot then yes you want to use physan 20.


      “There is also a new leave growing but it is still very small and I wonder if it will grow big enough to survive before the others all might fall off, or maybe the size of it does not matter? Therefore I would like to know if this plant is savable and maybe you can tell me what I am doing wrong or need to do to make it better.”

      As long as you have leaves even if its one leaf then your orchid is still alive. If you have no leaves then your orchid cannot survive. So even if its small then this means your orchid still has enough energy to produce a new flower, which is good.

      “Also I was wondering if it is bad to leave orchids outside, under shade?”

      I don’t like keeping my orchids outside because I can’t regulate their temperature. A good way to tell if they are too hot outside is to feel their leaves and if the leaves are hot to the touch then your orchid should not be in that location. Plus I would be nervous about bugs. But I know a lot of people who do grow orchids outside so it is fine – just not my preference.

      You can send me a pic at myfirstorchid@gmail.com if you like.

      Let me know what you think,


      • Thank you so much for your help. Some people was telling me to just throw it away but I didnt want to give up on it too soon. From your reply it seems like what I am doing so far is good. But I still sent you some pictures just in case that would help some more. Thank you once again.


  86. Hello! I recently got a phal hybrid from a local orchid nursery. When I bought it, the roots were so developed, they were growing out pot and were nearly bound within the pot. However, the orchid was in bloom so I waited to re-pot it until the blooms began to fall.

    Before I repotted, I noticed some of the leaves were yellowing. I still waited a couple weeks, and I just repotted last weekend in a bigger pot. Many of the roots were brown and mushy, some others were dry. I cut all those off and there were still many healthy roots left.

    Now I’m noticing that many of the bottom leaves are beginning to yellow. Should I be worried? Or does this sound like the natural cycle of my plant?

    (Sorry I tried to leave images, but the site wouldn’t let me post them)



  87. Hello, I stumbled on your article by accident and it seems so helpful, I’ve had one orchid for 2 years and its fine, healthy blooms all the time, however i “saved” two from a kroger, one of which seemed to be potted crooked, I repotted it as soon as I brought it home and within the week the leaves turned yellow one by one and fell off, there are now no leaves just a stump of where the stem for the blooms once was, I’m not quite sure what happened I was wondering if its savable or if it’s already dead? Thank you!

    • Hi,

      I would love to help.

      Unfortunately if an orchid loses all its leaves then yes it is dead. Orchids can’t survive without leaves. I am so sorry this happened,


  88. I have a phalaenopsis which I purchased in late March. It was in bloom when I bought it and eventually the blooms fell off. I cut back the spike and re-potted the plant in moss (it had came in bark). I have been watering about every 12 days and use orchid food every other watering. Recently the leaves have started to turn yellow. Thanks to your info. I am not as concerned as they are turning yellow and falling off one at a time and at the bottom of the plant. However, I’m down to two leaves now (the third just fell off today) and I do not see any sign of new leaves growing. Should I be concerned?

    • Tina,

      I would be glad to help as much as I can πŸ™‚

      It’s hard to tell without knowing what is specifically going in with your orchid so I am going to ask some questions.

      How many leaves did you originally have?

      How quickly have the fallen off?

      Are they just falling off from the bottom of the plant not the top?

      I would say that you shouldn’t be concerned if one or two leaves – at they bottom – fell off. But if a bunch are this is a concern. Orchids can not live without leaves.

      A lot of times this is due to root rot. Can you check to see if your root base is super dark or looks to be rotting?

      Also if you like you can respond with pictures to myfirstorchid@gmail.com.

      You did say there are two left – I have had many orchids survive with just two leaves and eventually grew new ones:)


      • I believe that there were five to start with. They have gradually fallen off one at a time over the last several weeks. They were all bottom leaves. It is in a clay pot so I can’t see the bottom roots unfortunately. From what I can see at the top they are green though.

        I was also just reading your section about fertilizing. I am wondering if I am not feeding it enough. Orchid food is the same as fertilizer right?

      • Tina,

        Orchid food is the same as fertilizer you are correct. But fertilizer helps orchids grow bigger and better leaves, roots and blooms. Orchids can completely survive without fertilizer though so I would not think it was that.

        I would make sure your orchid is pretty dry in between watering it. Which it seems like your doing and make sure it’s in a window that has dapple sunlight.

        If you start to see any more leaves falling off I would definitely check for root rot. But a lot of times you have no idea how it was treated before you got it and repotting it can be kind of a shock to orchids.

        It is strange that a bunch of leaves fell off so close together so there is something definitely up with that. It may be just adjusting to its new environment and suffering a bit. You did say the remaining leaves were bright and green so that is good.


      • Hi, I found your site quite by accident—thank goodness! I have never had orchids and unfortunately I am known to have a “brown thumb”. I received two phal orchids in June, as a gift, and they were packed together in one large vase. They have just recently dropped their flowers and one of the phals has a leaf that is turning yellow. Can I still repot them at this point, or do I wait until the leaf drops naturally. Also, I have been unable to find the white styro peanuts and did not get any in the packaging materials from repotme when I ordered supplies. I ordered the clear pots a bit too large. Is it OK to use glass gems on the bottoms for fill-in?? I am most grateful for any help that you can give me.

      • Dale,

        Thank you for the nice compliments:)

        Orchids are quite hardy (I don’t have a green thumb) so you will be able to get a handle on it soon!

        You have to order the styrofoam peanuts from repotme (under the mix options). You can also get them from Office Depot or any Office supply store… The ones repotme sells are normal peanuts – nothing special about them so you can get them anywhere.

        You can use glass gems but I like the peanuts because many times the orchids roots grow straight through them and they are more malleable.

        You can totally repot now. The orchid leaf turning yellow is not a problem with repotting it. Having orchid that are still blooming is a problem because if you repot a blooming orchid it may lose it blooms early.

        Also make sure you cut the already bloomed shoots off. I have a post on this call Cutting and Orchid Stem Back.

        Hope that Helps,


  89. hello
    i just got a phal orchid two days ago.i noticed she has a leaf turning yellow and two others with a yellowish tint. she was
    potted in peat moss really really tight. i took her out and loosened the peat moss. Her bloom is healthy looking.
    WHAT DID I DO????

    • Lynda,

      I would love to help. Where are the yellow leaves?

      At the bottom or top of the orchid?

      You didn’t do anything. For an orchid to suffer, at all, this quickly would have to be from before you got it (you only have had it for two days). It was probably over or under watered before you ever got it.

      Can you send me a picture of it at myfirstorchid@gmail.com if not we can try to figure it out here πŸ™‚


  90. Hi there. I had an orchid bought for me three weeks ago. It is a phal orchid and has beautiful white flowers. I am very worried about it. The unopened buds dropped off and now the leaves are going yellow and dropping off! I notice there is white mould growing around the centre of the orchid. I have left it in the pot it came in and have only watered it once. I’m worried that it went mouldy because I got water in the middle of it. What can I do to make it better? Please help – I don’t want to kill this beautiful plant.

    • Hi,

      I would love to help.

      The buds dropping is called “bud blast” – I have a link on my blog titled this.

      If the orchid leaves are turning yellow all over and not just the bottom ones and you see mold on it… You have probably have Root Rot and/or fungus.

      Click on my link called Orchid Health: Rot and the one on Fungus. You want to treat it with Hydrogen Peroxide solution.

      If you just received this orchid then it’s probably not your fault this happen… It was probably overwatered before you got it.

      Make sure your watering properly – I have another link on the blog on this. Treat it with the solution and wait a day or so and then treat it again.


      • Thanks Hannah. It’s in pretty bad shape with only one leaf left and that doesn’t look too good. I’ve treated it with hydrogen peroxide and made sure it is in a well ventilated place. Fingers crossed but I’m not too hopeful at this stage. I think I’m too late.

  91. my first orchid and Im kinda freaking out because one by one the leaves are turning yellow and falling off. She is no longer in bloom and i recently repotted her for a pest problem. While I changed the moss to bark I noticed that the most of the roots have turned black and some brown(i cut the ones that were very severe) I have been treating her with neem oil once a week for the bugs but the leaves are still falling off. there are only two left and i fear she wont sprout any more…help please!!!

    • Hi

      I would love to help. It seems like your orchid is really suffering and unfortunately orchids can not survive without leaves. At least you have a few left.

      I would imagine that it’s suffering from some kind of rot unless those pest really took a tole.

      How long have you had it and how are you watering it? Also are the pest gone?


      • Ive had her for about a little over a month. i was watering her once every 10 days(the moss she was in sometimes took longer to dry out) now once a week with orchid food. the pest seem to be gone now but the leaves are still yellowing and falling off. A week ago one of the spikes turned purple then yellow so i cut it off.

      • Well it seems like your watering it well so that is good. Normally rot is from overwatering it.

        It does seem to be experiencing some kind of rot – I have a post on root rot. I would check that out first but if you are any weird growth on it that would fungus – I also have a post in that.

        You can also send me a picture of it at myfirstorchid@gmail.com and I can take a look at it.


  92. I have three phal orchids I received for Mother’s Day ( just three days ago). I sat them outside and left them in the sun for two days. My leaves are now yellow and two of them are cracked. I removed them out of the sunlight and watered them. What can I do?

    • Candace,

      I would love to help. Were they in full direct sunlight?

      If so they may be sunburned. Have you looked at my link on light requirements for orchids. If so there is a picture of sun burnt orchid leaves. Or you can google that and see if they look like they were sunburned.

      Can you send me a picture at myfirstorchid@gmail.com


      • Yes, they were in full direct sunlight. Pictures sent.

      • I didn’t get a reply but here is the update on my orchids… all the leaves fell off and then the flowers. I’m not sure if the’re finished. One of them has however started growing some greenery where the leaves would be. Just have to wait and see what happens.

      • Candace,

        I am so sorry – I thought I replied? Maybe I didn’t get the email of the pictures:(

        Unfortunately orchids can survive without any leaves. Even if they have one leaf you would have hope but not if there is none. I am so sorry.

        You did say there is greenery growing? Can you send me a pic of that? Myfirstorchid@gmail.com

        Maybe I sent you the wrong email address last time?


  93. Hi Hannah,
    I have just googled imaged a ‘scale’ and it looks exactly like the little circular brown ones. My orchid was growing wonderful until I found this critter on it. I read ur blog, would you still recommend getoffme for scales or something else? I can also re-pot my orchid as stated on your blog though I am concerned that in its already fragile state, that it may not survive getting replanted, what do you think?
    Thank you, Kim.

    • Hi Kim,

      I would recommend using getoffme or physan 20 if you going to order something but you may not have time to do that… But it’s good to have on hand with in the future.

      Use the rubbing alcohol method now as mentioned in the blog and I would repot it at as well. But after let it rest and don’t water it for a couple of days and maybe keep it out of light for a day.

      Here is a link to the American Orchid Society that explains it more in depth…


      Let me know if that link does not work


  94. Hi there
    Thank you so much for all your comments and help on orchids. I received a plant from my father who is ageing and it is very special to me. I have only had it for 6 months and it was thriving. But now the leaves seem to be turning a bit yellow. I’m quite worried and want to know if theres anything I’m doing wrong

    basically i have it in some indirect sunlight (window), room temperature and water it every couple of days. The soil etc that I used was specifically made for orchids and I dont fertilise it more than once a month (very diluted with water).

    It has stopped flowering and still has big leaves but these are slowly turning yellow. Also the roots at the top have kinda withered away but I dont want to take it out and look at the roots below. Do you think I have to?

    Am happy to send photos etc. Any help would be really appreciated. I’m really worried. 😦
    Thank you so much

  95. I have an orchid that has been growing for about a year now. Recently i noticed the stem going yellow (which has previously had flowers bloom on it) and upon closer inspection i found a little bug that i know sucks moisture out of plants. So i scrached the bug off, though my stem kept going yellow. I trimmed the stem in hope of stopping this from continuing. Only to find the next day it was still happening and a new leaf closer to the base of the plant but not an old leave has gone completely yellow. Its as if my plant is looking moisture from this bug and still dying. I have checked for more bugs and there arnt any. What should i do, i dont want it to die as it was brought my mother when i had my first child?

  96. Hi!

    I have a couple of questions for you.

    So, I may have done something kinda dumb- but you can tell me if it was or not. I was reading an orchid forum post by someone that said that their Phalaenopsis shed all its leaves and was looking very sick so they removed the potting mixture, trimmed the dead roots and soaked the remaining roots in only water for several months, and new green roots began to sprout. So I gave it a try because my orchid shed all of its leaves and looked very unhappy as well.

    After soaking for a month, the roots began to “swim” and fan out in the container (I suspended the roots with wooden dowels- like you do when you are growing potatoes in kindergarten). I let the roots soak for about another month and a half and they looked pretty happy. The roots are now bright green and I bought an orchid potting mix and repotted it (bark, charcoal, etc) and added some moss as well. I’m worried though- will the leaves regrow? I have four Phalaenopsis orchids and have have gotten all except this one to grow new leaves, spikes and roots. I hope this one isn’t a lost cause…I can’t find anything online about if leaves regrow if there are none.

    My second question is, my fiance bought a Cymbidium stem with yellow flowers at a flower shop and I cut the end into a spear shape to absorb lots of water. The flowers have lasted over two weeks on the stem and a few are now falling off. When one fell off, I noticed that the end of the flower had white “hairs” that closely resemble roots. Can you plant that? Can you grow a Cymbidium from a fallen flower? Also the stem that I cut also has these “hairs” growing down from where I originally made the cut. What is happening? Will the stem grow roots as well? It’s really interesting.

    A little side note- I have been feeding them my homemade orchid food and the three that are growing seem to really love it (crushed egg shells sprinkled on top on the potting mixture- for calcium, and organic mollasses- for potassium diluted in water when I water them). I bump up the mollasses watering when they grow spikes and the flowers have been HUGE!



    • Hi Jillian,

      I would love to help!

      1. Unfortunately orchids, like most plants, can not survive without leaves. I have heard of people suspending orchids like this before but I honestly don’t understand it. Orchid roots will rot and die if soaked in water all the time. If you click on my link on watering it explains this further. So I don’t see how this would work. But I could be wrong….I have never tried this.

      2. When you say you cut the end of the Cymbidium…what doe you mean? Can you send me pics of the hairy things on the flowers? Myfirstorchid@gmail.com. Cymbiudiums growth comes from their psuedubulbs not there flowers. If you click on my link on then difference between Monopodial and Symbidial orchids it explains this.

      Thats super cool about making your own fertilizer!


  97. Hi! So my Orchid’s large top leaf is turning yellow(half is very yellow the bottom half is still green). It has a couple new leaves coming in at the bottom, not the top..but I just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t turning yellow due to too much sun since it isn’t the bottom one that is turning yellow :/

    • I’m not the expert, but you’re probably getting a BASAL keiki; you can see it on “Keiki ‘baby orchid'”, just leave all the leaves on. DO NOT seperate the bottom leaves from the main plant… IT WILL KILL THE BABY! And as for the yellow leaves, You might be giveing the orchid to much light. Try putting white paper towels on the light source (window, greenhouse glass, ect.) If that dosen’t work, then Hannah will probably need to answer it. But don’t DO anything yet without Hannah’s (or an actual expert’s) aproval!

      • Pictures sent! πŸ™‚ Sorry I know in my last post it made it sound like the same two plants but it isn’t actually one plant that has a yellowing top leaf and the other that I believe is producing a baby at the base…If the one that is producing a baby doesn’t die off will it essentially
        just end up being two orchids in one pot?

  98. More questions… : ) My orchid has ten leaves, if you count the one buried in the pot, none of them have yellowed, the shortest visible one is only 2 inches (5 cm) . Is this normal? I suppose not…

    • John,

      I am a bit confused of your question? It seems like a super healthy orchid if it has that many leaves:) as long as new leaves are growing from the middle the old ones will eventually die back.


      • Thanks, Hannah. I’m just wondering why in the world will my orchid keep it’s very first leaves?

  99. I have 2 orchids. One dropped 2 leaves (2 healthy green ones remain), and gave 2 blossoming cycles. The other gave a very long single blossoming cycle and then the stem died. It has dropped 3 of its 4 leaves (they turned yellow), but today when I was watering it, the last leaf which was a healthy green fell off. Is there anything I should do? Is my orchid ok? Can it be saved? It looks like there are still some healthy roots…

    Thanks for the help!

    • Juliana,

      I would love to help! So there are no leaves left? If this is the case it would be hard for your orchid to survive.

      I have a few questions…
      How long have you had it?
      Where was it placed in your home?
      How were you watering it?


      • Orchids tolerate drought. They do not survive overwatering. Most orchids that die do so because they have been overwatered. I only have Phaleonopsis so I do not know if what I say here applies to all orchids. Remove all moss because it retains too much water ensuring that the orchid will gradually die. After about a week I look through the transparent pot at the orchid roots. If they are green the orchid should not be watered. Water it only if they are silvery green. If they are brown they have rotted because you have overwatered it. When watering I place its transparent pot in a bowl of room temperature water, pour water over the top so the bark is not too dry there, and let it soak in as much as it wants for 1 minute, absolutely no longer. Afterwards I let it drain off all the water it does not want in the sink for 15 minutes. It must not stand in water when it is put in the pot for the transparent pot. Orchids like moisture so I have hardened clay marbles (I do not know the English for lecakulor) in the pot the transparent pot is in. I pour on a little water but not so the transparent pot comes into contact with the water. I have been given this advice and thanks to it my all white Phaleonopsis which I was given by my work colleagues at my retirement party 18 June is blooming again with 5 very large flowers, larger than when I first got it. Previously all but 2 Phaleonopsis have died for me as I did not know how to treat them. I also have a Yu Pin Pearl harlequin Phaleonopsis which has 10 of its 12 blooms remaining and which my daughter gave me for Father’s Day 11 November. Finally I have a pale lemon yellow Phaleonopsis which she gave me as a Christmas present but which we did not get until the beginning of March as I thought it unwise to expose them to the extreme cold on the way back home from the shop. It has 14 flowers. The 2 from before I knew how to look after them only have leaves, one is normal size with several roots, the other is small with very few roots but also has got a new leaf recently. The other week I repotted them, took away all the dead roots, placed them more centre as they were lopsided and kept falling over and put as many roots as possible inside the transparent pot. Neither has a stem as I cut them all away not knowing better. I fertilize the non-flowering Phaleonopsis once a fortnight with urine diluted 1-30 and am very satisfied with the results. Previously at work I fertilized the Phaleonopsis I looked after there with commercial fertilizer specially for orchids and the orchid did not look well afterwards although I folllowed the instructions strictly. For the time being I am sticking to Phaleonopsis. Later I may try a Miltonia as they are said not to be difficult either and my daughter has one. Every time I visit her I pour out the water in the pot and let the Miltonia drain off. Even though Miltonia likes the soil moist all the time I think it hazardous for the roots to stand in water. Having said that I may not get a Miltonia as I prefer Phaleonopsis. I find the yellow Oncidium most attractive but I am far from sure that I would be able to look after it and I do not want to have it die after only one blooming.

      • Edwin,

        Thanks for the comment! It seems like we do very similar things with our orchids and its nice to know other people who love orchids as much as I do.


  100. Thank you Hannah. You have saved me a lot of worry.
    Kind regards,

  101. Hi! My question is…My orchids flowers have completely withered and fell off and the stem seems to be turning yellow. Also the tip of one of the leaves is turning yellow. What do I do?

    • Tina,

      Most likely your orchid was in bloom for awhile before you got it. Orchids drop their blooms after a couple of months. Most orchids bloom once per year, for an extended period of time. The natural blooming cycle for a Phalaenopsis orchid is only a few months. The flowers are falling off because they are done blooming.

      If this is your only concern then your orchid is fine. It’s not dying… it just preparing for next years flowers by growing new roots and leaves once all the flowers have dropped.

      Cycle of Orchids
      My orchids are on a natural cycle…meaning I have had them all for many years now and they bloom regularly on the same natural cycle. Normally this is between Thanksgiving and sometime ending near March. If I were to buy an orchid from lets say April thru November…in full bloom…it would have been forced into bloom by a nursery. Nurseries can do this because they create a moderated environment that produces nature cues synthetically thus forcing them into bloom year round. Once the orchid they forced into bloom actually blooms they sell it. That orchid will not bloom again for one year.

      Orchids only bloom once a year because they are in a cycle. This cycle goes like this. Bloom, blooms fall off, orchid grows new leaves and new roots to support upcoming bloom season, spikes starts to grow, it blooms. Repeat. Orchids work in this balance because they are constantly switching their energy from one cycle to the next.

      Here is my link to orchid cycles


      Does that make sense?

      This is what I would recommend doing to your orchid now…

      Wait to cut the stem back until all the flowers have fallen off.
      I would then repot it to give it fresh new mix:)

      Here are the links on cutting the stem back and repotting




  102. hi, i have several orchids at home and having and caring for plants is my hobby, recently got a big leaf orchid for my birthday ( i will send the pictures to your email ) and i noticed that the leaves are getting yellow , and some of the buds which are not blossomed yet and are small got red and are falling down 😦 what is wrong with my plant? i got it last week , i just watered it once i try to do my best to put temperature and light and humidity suitable, please help

  103. Hey there,

    My two leafs that I have left are now dark green and soft 😦 What do I do? Also, on the shoots, leafs not buds are popping up…the leafs are about an inch long and are green with some purple edging. Is that normal?

  104. Hi! I wanted to ask you, my orchid is going through yellow leaves, but instead of the bottom leaves turning yellow the top ones are. Is that a sign of something else? New leaves have come out, mostly new stems with leaves.. I feel it is healthy, but just wanted to be sure.
    Thank you!!

  105. I have an orchid this is my second and I noticed this morning at the bottom of the leaves and stems is black I have to leaves left the others fell off today? I’m consernd about the bottom of the leaves.

  106. Me and my roommate wanted to buy some flowers and ended up buying some orchids, I had mine for a little longer and it was doing great since i bought it it grew two new flowers and starting on a third. So I thought it could use a little more space and repotted it into a bark soil, cleaned off some of the moss and looked at the roots for any dead ones. Now the flowers are starting to fall off and the stems going to the flowers are starting to turn white. Im assuming this is just lack of water but i havent changed the watering schedule, does the bark soil require more watering? and then my roommates orchid we repotted as well and she has a leaf turning yellow, it is at the bottom but some of her flowers are falling off. just wondering if we just need to water more or if theres something else wrong.

    • Hi Alison,

      I would love to help.

      First, repotting orchids while in bloom can “shock” them causing bud blast (which is when orchids looses blooms) I have a link on my blog titled “Bud Blast” for more information. You should never really repot an orchid while in bloom unless it’s potted in a pot with no drainage. I have a link on that called “Drop Potting An Orchid.”

      Second orchids don’t like being potted in big pots…they like to be super snug in little pots. Click on my link “How To Repot Orchids” ….there is a video.

      Third…as far as watering goes…click on my link on “How To Water Orchids”. There is no specific rule on orchid watering…meaning they dry out at different times. With dark bark you can tell when to water them by pushing your finger or a pencil down into the bark and feel for moisture (or look at the pencil and see if it’s wet). If its COMPLETELY dry you then water. You must wait till its totally dry not even a little bit of moisture. Orchids don’t like to be wet all the time.

      Fourth…orchid leaves loose their bottom leaves naturally. This is not something to be worried about. They turn yellow and fall off and new orchid leaves sprout from the center of the orchid “replacing” the bottom ones. As long as its the bottom orchid leaf you don’t need to worry. Click on my link, “Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow” for more information on this. Now if all the leaves are turning yellow this is a different story.

      You can ask as many questions as you like. If you want to send me pictures … That helps me better answer your questions… At myfirstorchid@gmail.com.

      Hope that helps,


    • Also, I read from other sites that repotting an orchid from moss to bark causes more “shock” than a normal repotting.
      Hope your orchids are fine.

      • John,

        I don’t know about this but I do know that repotting an orchid from one medium to the next is shocking to any orchid. When I repot I make sure that I keep them out of sunlight and don’t water them for a few days to let them “rest.” This normally works well for me,


      • I saw a YouTube video on repotting orchids. It said you should remove all moss from orchids when repotting because the moss soaks up and retains too much water. Because of that the orchid will die if the moss is not removed.

      • Edwin,

        Look at my post on repotting…it explains why to remove the moss but also instructions on adding new moss.


      • So far all my Phaleonopsis came in a bark mixture. I have only repotted the only 2 that survived from the time when I did not know how to look after them. They are in a sunny window and are both growing a new leaf.

        Two of my Phaleonopsis that are flowering seem to like the sunshine.
        The latest one may have paled and some of the flowers look like they are wilting. Is that due to age or the sunlight or the water? I have not treated it any different from the 2 that are thriving, namely watered it only when the roots are silvery green, no fertilizer because there are flowers on it, placed it in a bowl of room temperature water for only 1 minute, poured water on the top of the bark mixture so nit will not be too dry, and then letting the water drain off completely in the sink for 15 minutes. I leave the water in the bowl and have reused it to water the Phaleonopsis other weeks. I have moved it out of the sunlight and put the shades so that the Phaleonopsis is in semi-shade as that is what is recommended on the label.

  107. i have an orchid for the past 4months its a really small baby orchid when i got it it bloomed all the flowers opened fully then fell off. i was told to repot it so i did, now my orchid which only ever had 3 leaves had one leaf turn yellow and fall of and now the 2nd is yellowing and the long stem is very thin and it seems really dry, im not sure what to do, i have no flowers and will probably only have one leaf soon.

    can my orchid be better 😦

    • Jenn,

      I would love to help! I have a few questions. The leaves that are yellow…are they on the bottom or top? Is there any new leaf growing from the middle base leaf? And the stick…do you mean the stem where the blooms were?

      If the stick is where the blooms were…you will want to cut that back at the base..see my post on Cutting an Orchid Stem.

      If the leaves are on the bottom…don’t worry this is natural.

      How are you watering it and where is it placed in your house?


  108. Oh yay! I recently bought my first phalaenopsis and its one bottom leaf started to yellow. Was worried that it might be an infection, but sounds like it’s normal. I’m in the southern hemisphere, so we’re finally heading into summer. πŸ™‚

  109. thankyou for all of the information in this section about yellowing leaves on orchids .mime was a birthday present early september and i was worried but not any more

  110. I have had an orchid for several years now. It has only bloomed when I bought it. Recently I tried putting it outside to try to make it blood with the cooler temps. We were getting a lot of rain and I was trying to keep moving it inside if I thought about it might rain. It eventually ended up in my kitchen which is very dark but there were inside florescent lights. I noticed a few days ago that two leaves had started to turn yellow with a little red along the edges and dark spots. These appear to be older growth and on one side. Is this a normal thing or is it because it was too dark or did it get an infection from being outside or maybe too much watering? It only has four leaves and now two are yellow/red. Last time I looked at the roots there were only three. I thought I was going to lose the plant a few times but it’s survived. I repotted it last year when I almost lost it. It doesn’t seem to have done well since then though. The leaves became riveted. A new leaf did come so i guess it was doing okay, but now i am not sure. I have pictures.

    • J –

      If it grew new leaves that is awesome and means it trying really hard to grow. But with it having such few roots…it’s having a hard time doing so. Don’t fret, yet:)

      Orchids need new roots and new leaves to produce new blooms. I have orchids that were two week to produce blooms because they had too few roots and no new leaf growth.

      Orchids work in an energy cycle between their roots, leaves and blooms and when unbalanced they don’t bloom. It’s hard to find that balance but not impossible.

      You just have to wait and let it slowly come back. It does need light though… You need to put it near a window, in your house, that gets the most light. It needs humidity and proper watering. I have post on this. Also it may need some fertilizer to give it a healthy boost!

      You can send me pics at myfirstorchid@gmail.com. And then we will know a little more,


  111. I recently repotted a Phalenopsis that I have had for years for the first time. I took it from the moss it was bought in and put it into a bark mixture but it’s making me scared now. The leaves had started to go limp and it seemed like it was falling over. It seemed to perk up once I repotted it but now it’s doing the same thing but with an added bonus of all the leaves getting a yellowish tinge to them and looking veiny but it has a new leaf growing that looks healthy. Am I just freaking out over a normal process and need to wait it out?

    • Hey Leah,

      My orchids sometimes look sad after repotting. They need to get used to the new soil but it seems that a new leaf growing is a good sign. Are all the leaves turning yellow or just the bottom ones?

      Can you send me a picture of it?

      Orchids are pretty hardy…don’t give up yet:)


      • The bottom leaf is turning yellow for sure and the other ones have tiny yellowish spots on the edges but they just have this veiny look and are curving inwards. I know they are hardy, this guy has stuck around for almost five years without me killing it yet!

  112. Hi Marie do you live in the UK?.If you do never use our tap water to water an orchid.The chemicals in the water get absorbed into the soft roots and they die very quickly.I only use garden rain water and if there is none, I use spring water from a shop.Our water here in UK is full of chemicals and is poisonous to sensitive orchid roots.

      • hi, yes it’s safe for us. our water is treated in UK with chemicals to make it safe such as fluoride, chlorine, aluminum sulphate, calcium hydroxide, and sodium silicofluoride.These aren’t found in a rain forest so destroy the delicate roots.

      • V – I would say that if your water is safe to drink but your concerned about it for orchids…then maybe just out it through water purifier instead of buying special water. It’s cheaper that way. Our water is treated too, in the states, and I have had no problem using it on my orchids … Straight from the tap.


  113. Ok something very strange. I get home today and look at my once blooming orchid and notice that from the stems of the flowers water is coming out of them. Like big drops. I wish I could show a picture and idea why this is happening

    • I just did a whole post on your orchid! It’s the latest one..I would love for you to tell me how it’s doing and give me your thoughts:) thanks for your patience..


      • I just read it!! I hope it helps others. Unfortunatly I had to throw it. After the flowers fell off I noticed mold on the soil too. So I took it out of its pot to look at the roots closer and try to save it and repot it like you suggested. But it was way to far gone. It was dead and mushy and no good to try and save. I now know not to buy the died orchids. Even though they ard gorgeous I hate watching it suffer also. Thank you for your help. And will look forward to more if your posts and help.

    • i got an orchid for valentines day and it was doing good and a couple days later after i got it all blooms dried up and fell off i was sad cause it was so pretty. And a couple days ago my leaves started turning yellow and falling off they were brown in the bottom and were kind of green and yellow on top and those fell off. Did i kill my poor orchid. I followed all instructions. Im guessing its dead and i fell so bad i want to cry.

      • But im hoping i didnt kill it. i hope it was sick when i got it.

      • Laura,

        I very seriously doubt you killed your orchid. Most orchids are not taken care of before we buy them because they are shipped in trucks and placed grocery stores etc. with no natural light.

        Can you send me a pic if it at myfirstorchid@gmail.com?

        I have a few questions when you email me..

        1. Are all the leaves gone?
        2. How were you watering it?
        3. Where is it placed in your home?

        The buds fell off, most likely due to the fact it was done blooming. I can explain this in the email.



      • yes all leaves are gone. its placed near the window on the north side of my home

      • Laura,

        It would be very hard for an orchid to survive without any leaves. Most likely it was overwatered before you got an experienced “root rot.”

        I am so sorry,


  114. I have a orchid that injected with blue dye for the flowers. Yesterday when I looked at it I noticed that all yes all the leaves that were healthy and green fell off. It still has flowers on it but they are shutting and dying. What should I do once the flowers fall off? I’d it worth keeping or saving?

    • Hi Marie,

      First of all don’t throw your orchid away…orchids are very hardy and can be saved:)

      I have a few questions first… 1. How long did you have your orchid before this happened? 2. Were all the flower buds opened and then fell off or did the buds shrivel up and die before they opened? Where is your orchid placed in your house (window, lighting etc)? And how much are you watering it?

      That will let me know more what is going on:)


      • I have had it for a month. The flowers are still there not dried up yet but not open as they have been. The leaves fell off yesterday. I have watered it once a week with tap water. The roots are brown and some are green

      • Marie,

        Okay so I am concerned about the leaf issue….they all fell off? There are no leaves at all? The plant cannot support itself without leaves. If there were still leaves I would say that your plant is just loosing it blooms naturally and the buds were experiencing, “bud blast” (which I have a post on. BUT since your saying there are no leaves at all, which is very strange since there are still green roots, I am thinking your orchid may actually be dying. I would wait till the last bloom falls off…then try to repot it. I would imagine that at this time you would find all dead roots.

        Are you sure that all the leaves are gone?


      • Oh yea they are all gone. They were long beautiful green leaves. First one turned yellow then fell off then te second I could tell it was black on the both of the leaf and the next day fell off. The yesterday I picked up the pot to water it and the last remaining two fell off

      • Marie,

        This has only happened to me twice..where all the leaves fell off. Unfortunately both plants died:( its rarely your fault when this happens. I am assuming your plant had some type of fungus and rotted. I think it’s strange it still has blooms…

        Most likely it was already on its way when you bought it…a lot of times you don’t see how bad the plant is till you repot it because it can “look” okay and then you see that all the roots died.

        If there are absolutely no leaves then unfortunately your plant is on its way out. The remaining green roots are giving nutrients to the remaining flowers.

        If it was my plant.. I would cut the remaining stem off because your plant is giving all its nutrients to those flowers and hope it grows a new leaf. Then I would repot it immediately so it gets fresh new soil. If you have green/white roots that is good. If they are all rotted then you will have to toss the orchid. That is if you want it to regrow.

        If you want to enjoy the remaining blooms…go ahead but your plant may or may not survive.

        Sorry…that is sad…I have never dealt with a dyed orchid. They are so pretty naturally…so that may be an issue as well.


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