Orchids sold from big box stores. 

Updated 2/27/17

Many times when we get orchids into our homes they were mistreated before we got them. Mass production of orchids in green houses forces them into bloom (which in itself does not hurt orchids) and then they are shipped to stores. The shipping process can be taxing to orchids and then they are placed in grocery stores etc. that tend to over or underwater them and most provide zero natural light.

And A LOT of places sell orchids in pots with no drainage holes (as shown above) which exacerbates all the problems stated above because the roots are basically trapped in water and begin to rot (even though the blooms may look beautiful at the time).

Then we get them they begin to suffer and we think we have hurt an orchid when actually it was all the stuff that happened to it before we got it. It’s very frustrating but not our faults at all.

I recommend repotting or “drop potting” orchids like this as soon as you can after you get them. I like to wait till the blooms have fallen and then repot. I also do not water them at all in between the time I get them and repot them because they normally have water trapped in their pots. Please read my post titled, “Read this first” as it explains what to do if an orchid is sold to you with a non draining pot.

Hope that Helps,


8 Comments on “Orchids sold from big box stores. 

  1. Hi, my sister has sent me 15 orchid stems (yes 15), the have arrived with the little plastic cone on each one.
    I now need to purchase pots and plant them.
    Do I take off the plastic cone?
    I have read that they need small pots, but how many can I pot together?
    Please talk me through the steps of potting them.
    Many thanks

  2. I’ve had this problem too. They also seem to stuff too much sphagnum into the pot.I seem to be having success by pinching out some of the tightly packed moss and letting the roots breathe and the water evaporate.

  3. thanks for all the information, my orchids have all died, too late. because not buy, too expensive in Mexico. encnatan me; Also, my state is very caloroso (Acapulco, Mexico) effectively never change pot, maybe that’s why they died.
    thanks for answer

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