Currently editing

Currently updated info and changing parts of the blog. Many links will be down today and the layout may be a bit wonky until tomorrow! Thank you for all your support! ❤️❤️

4 Comments on “Currently editing

  1. I am a first time orchid owner. It was given to me as a gift. When I first started noticing it was blooming I became excited to see the beautiful blooms. After they had fallen off, I noticed the buds had returned. My cat knocked it over and I had to return it to the pot. It is however budding. I do have a plastic draining pot inside but now my under roots look as if they are turning moldy. Can you please guide me as to what to do for this. Also after reading your blog I noticed that I have a few new leaves and shoots. At the bottom of the plastic draining pot my roots are brown and dry, Thank you for the guidance on such a beautiful plant.

  2. Congratulations on the upgrade! Thank you for the support and helpful tips!

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