Common Orchid Questions

Updated 12/11/17

These are the most common orchid questions I get and a link to my previous post in regards to their answers. I am also constantly updating each post that I have already completed, as I learn more information, so check back. My answers are not exhaustive but I hope they are helpful and if you have questions or comments please leave them. Or if you have a topic that you would like for me to research and post about, please leave that as well.

1. How much should I water my orchid? Please click here on my post How to water orchids.

NOTE: the most common mistake of any new orchid grower is over-watering an orchid which produces root rot and a myriad of other problems. Make sure you’re doing this right before anything else. This mistake and orchids not having a drainage hole can cause great harm to your orchid.

2. How do I repot an orchid? Please click on my link How to Repot an Orchid.

3. Why won’t my orchid bloom? Please click on my link Why Won’t My Orchid Bloom?

4. How do I tell the difference between a root and a spike? Please click on my link on the difference.

5. How do I stake my orchids? Please click on my link on this.

6. How much light does my orchid need? Please click on my link on Light Requirements.

7. Am I suppose to fertilize my orchid? Please click on my link on Fertilizer.

8. My orchid has either gnats, fungus and/or rot on it. What should I do? Please click on my link on this.

Do you have a question? I love helping people out and answering questions!

Here is some info on that:

I welcome questions but overall if you read the other blog post first on watering, fertilizing, repotting etc. it helps both of us know what is going on a little more before you ask a question. I sometimes get people who are so excited about orchids (like me) that they ask a question before reading the other blog post and then I spend a lot of time linking those post in my answers 🙂

It is helpful to me if you answer these questions when you comment or email me.

  • How long you have had your orchid?
  • What type of orchid it is – it’s fine if you don’t know.
  • What the problem/question is.
  • How are you watering it? How much and how often?
  • Does it have a drainage hole? Please read this first * (see below).
  • Also a picture of your “troubled” orchid helps. If you can’t take a picture that is fine.

Orchids with NO drainage holes.

* This is a very common thing for florist to pot orchids in pots like these but it actually kills orchids. Orchids need to have total drainage or their roots smother and die as explained in my post READ THIS FIRST.

Hope that helps and let me know if you have further questions,


Feel free to leave comments or questions here and you can always email me at with pictures of your orchid.

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